childhood favorite – John the Fearless (also, Anime Aladdin) now on Zippcast!

Hey guys. Here is a movie I’ve been meaning to upload for some time. It’s called John the Fearless (also sometimes called The Heroic Adventures of John the Fearless).

This is a European animated movie (possibly from either Belgium or else French-Canadian) that, as far as I know, is only available on home video from Celebrity’s Just for Kids, a company that no longer exists to my knowledge. The original version was in French and clips of it (under its original title, Jan Zonder Vrees) are up on Youtube, but the music is slightly different and I honestly think the English voices fit the characters better. The opening credits claim this is based on a book, but all my researches indicate that the book was never released in English (I would love to read it though!)

This upload is the entire VHS tape I own, meaning there’s some stuff before the actual movie, plus some trailers after the movie. Some of this bonus stuff is kinda silly and may be a little nostalgic if you grew up with this company.

One thing though…. if you’re one of those modern kids who demands everything be all anime and pretty-like, you’re going to be horrified by the art style and the way characters are drawn. But then, if you’re horrified, you’re probably a weenie.

So anyway.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

As for Anime Aladdin, you can find part one here and part two here.

Odd thing. In each case, Zippcast technically was supposed to allow me to upload them in one part, but for some reason I kept getting errors when I tried. That’s why they’re split.

I might have more personal news tomorrow, or else more fun stuff. We’ll see.


The Worst Happened, but Then the Best Did Too

So, some of my forum and skype friends may be wondering where the hell I’ve been for nearly a week or so. The answer is simple.

My laptop–my one connection to the internet–died.

Okay, it technically isn’t dead. What happened is the port where you plug the power supply in got flaky, and sometimes wouldn’t see the plug even when it was in. So I had a short period where I had to keep jiggling, looking for “sweet spots” and in many cases, holding it there by hand until the battery charged.

Then, finally, there were no sweet spots, and no way to charge the battery, and the device was simply unusable. So, no way to get online.

Not being a man to rest on his laurels, I immediately looked for a replacement, using a friend’s computer to price-check local stores. Since the now-deceased laptop had been a Toshiba, I wanted the replacement to be a Toshiba as well, because of something I predicted (correctly, it turned out).

I found one, a budget model but still ever so slightly better than my old laptop. The only headache was the exact one I anticipated:


And I didn’t go in wanting to hate it. Truth is that after being reluctant to try XP, Vista, and 7, only to in each case realize they weren’t so bad, I kinda had high hopes for 8.1. Unfortunately the only good thing I can say about it is that it booted up fast. Right out the gate I was asking myself “where is everything?” and “how do I do basic thing X I always do?”

The final straw was when I found out something nobody ever mentions:

By default, you have to use Windows 8 to get into the BIOS.

Let me repeat that:

By default, you have to use the OPERATING SYSTEM to get into the BIOS.

Anyone who works with computers and even those who don’t should immediately realize how fracktarded and wrong that is. The OS should have nothing to do with the bios! But nope… on Windows 8.1, you need to go to that android-looking screen and click on the gear. From there I kept following a line of options that were like, “update and recover” and “recover” and similar-sounding options, usually at the bottom of the menu, and eventually I found one that allowed access into… not quite the bios, but a stripped-down version with lesser options. But from there, there’s an option to restart the PC and go into the really-real BIOS, and you just disable Secure Boot and change UEFI to CSM and… and now Windows 8 won’t boot, but since I had made up my mind already, that didn’t bother me.

Made up my mind about what? Well, by now you can guess: I was downgrading to Windows 7.

Long story short, it succeeded. The only headache was drivers, and I’m in the process of solving that right now. Once I do I’m gonna create an image of this install so I never have to go through all this again.

Anyway, here’s to more internet fun!

Introducing Mazinkaiser!

Wondering how many people will read this post and think its about the Go Nagai super-robot…

Ain’t she a beaut?

And as you can see, I’m crawling my way out of my rut of constant entries about my cat or ramblings about MLP episodes (although some more of those are likely) and heading towards more posts about video games, animation, and… books. Yes, I’m eventually going to do a video about a book. Stay tuned, friends!

Downtime possible

Hey guys,

My ISP is trying to screw me over, so its possible my presence online might become more sporadic than it already is.

The basic situation is this: Currently I’ve got a deal with HughesNet where I get 10GB of bandwidth a month, but at night it becomes unlimited bandwidth–meaning if I stay up late, I can do all the really intensive stuff like downloading Youtube videos etc.

But now they’re trying to change it so that instead of nighttime being unlimited, I just have an extra 10 GB during that time. I’m really not a huge fan of this idea because it means I’d be able to do basically nothing, I’d have to stop watching Youtube videos and stuff. I might also have to stop uploading videos (because even though UPloads aren’t supposed to eat into bandwidth, they do anyway). Which would suck.

Here’s hoping I can get this fixed.

ATLA Review started!

I’m sure Richard Carboxsin will be happy to hear this!

Preamble Page and the first episode review are up now! New episodes will be posted on a once-a-week basis.

And for those of you who don’t care about ATLA and just care about gaming, I also uploaded a video where I talk about my old gaming comp. It’s unlisted, so that link is the only way you can access it. Finally, see what my face looks like! Get a look at my adorable cat! Learn the wonders of pure MS-DOS! And watch me not even really play Wing Commander (a game I horribly suck at, by the way)!

It’s all in a days work FOR THE MAN!!!