Objectivity in Opinions

Zippcast link: http://www.zippcast.com/video/114d63756a5763f7221

I’m sure we’ve all heard this old chestnut before..


Moe on Tolkien, Fantasy, and RPGs

Zippcast link: http://www.zippcast.com/video/46606104dae1db3f54f

I’m honestly considering making all my future videos Zippcast-exclusive, though nothing is certain yet.

UPDATE! Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/YG5Pz312BFs

Immersion – Right Idea, Wrong Means? (Video)

In which I discuss the buzzword “immersion” in video games and how what game designers THINK is immersive often ends up being counter-productive.


Also, unrelated to the video, lately I’ve been trying out new things. Among them, I’ve been watching PewDiePie.

Now, of course I’ve been a fan of Markiplier for awhile now, and the consensus is that if you like Markiplier, you won’t like the Pewds. Not to mention being surrounded by people who pretty much considered the Bearer of the Brofist the worst thing ever. But I was bored, and frankly I was kind of curious as to whether the Pewds was really as bad as people said.

Short answer, no he isn’t. There are some irritating aspects to his videos, but there’s also fun to be had, and for a fan of modern horror LPs he’s also a nice change of pace. Markiplier is an awesome guy, but even the best thing ever can get boring if you over-expose yourself to it. It’s nice to have a new guy (new to me) with a different set of jokes and sense of humor. Then eventually he’ll get old, and Mark will be fresh again. It’s perfect!


On that note I’m trying (again) to record a Let’s Play of my very own, but I’m not sure when that’s gonna happen or with what game. I’m not sure I want to become a Youtube giant though… I kinda half-fear the prospect of my hobby becoming a job.


Random, but I’m starting to wish I could get a Dungeons & Dragons group together on Skype, particularly people who wouldn’t mind playing older editions from the eighties.

vlog rant – The Lord of the Rings movies SUCK!

So for awhile, I wanted to do a review of the LOTR movies which goes over absolutely everything wrong with them. However, if that happens at all then it seems like it’ll not be anytime soon, so for the time being I’m gonna post vlogs.

These are gonna be in multiple parts.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

Doing a full, actual review of LOTR (with movie footage, editing and everything) is something I still want to do. The problem is every time I sit down to script it, I keep…. basically my scripts get rambly and unwieldy. Also I don’t really know what approach to take. A linear review like what Nostalgia Chick did for her videos on the subject feels to me like it would miss too many things and almost by default ignore thematic elements, since you can only talk about things as they are introduced. My other idea for an approach, then, was to make a lot of smaller videos which each focus on either a specific scene or a specific element of the movie, but then that feels constraining because sometimes subjects are inter-related (for example, doing a video about the mishandled wizard fight at Isengard would inevitably lead to a larger discussion of Gandalf’s mishandled character in general).

Besides that, I’m still very inexperienced in video and sound editing, and often fall under time constraints, and as the second part of the vlog shows, I can’t focus worth crap.

So what do you guys think. Should I seek outside help for this project? Should I take a different approach? Or should I just not do it at all (the option I like the least, but its still on the table)? IF anyone has comments, criticisms, suggestions or even offers of help, I’m all ears.

Thank you all.