80s cartoons I want to see

So guess which interest I’m revisiting.

I was watching some videos and it got me interested in eighties cartoons, particularly obscure ones. But there’s two I want to see that seem to be difficult to find in any sort of quality. If anyone has a torrent link to a high-quality rip, lemme know:

1. Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion — there are uploads of this on Youtube, but one divides each ep into ten-minute segments and the other seems to be low quality–I couldn’t hear a damn thing anyone was saying (and I know higher quality exists as I saw excerpts in some other videos). So pretty much, audio hearability is my priority here.

2. Spiral Zone — This apparently got a fan-made DVD set in the mid-2000s that was endorsed by the creator, but I’ve seen no word on if said set can still be purchased anywhere and the site that sold it no longer exists. I’d love to own this DVD set, or even just have ISOs of it.

If anyone has any leads, post in the comments. Or you can email me at edmonddantes224ATgmailDOTcom


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