Zippcast seems to be gone for good

I knew the service had a history of random downtimes, but this time its down because (apparently) some of the people running it had a falling out and the last guy standing felt it was too expensive so he pulled the plug, which to me means its not coming back.

This comes in the midst of myself wondering what I’m gonna do with my online identity. I was mostly just vlogging but I had thought of doing actual reviews, but its like… if I have to host them on Youtube, what’s the point? One thing I have thought of doing is just announcing them on Youtube but then actually uploading them on a download site like to get around the copyright issue (since I don’t make money from my videos, this wouldn’t be a problem) but, well…

One upside though is this gives me a chance to re-do some old stuff, should I want to. I must admit I kinda started to hate some of my older videos.

And like I said last time, I’ve been considering going back to my old blog at jispylicious-dot-wordpress-dot-com, and dropping the “EDM’s World” name. This may be my chance to do that.

If I want to. Truth is I’ve been losing interest in doing internet related things lately. Maybe I just need a break. Who knows. Anyway I’ll give it some thinking over and let you guys know my decision when I make one.


Doom (2016) theory – The Combined FPS Universe?!

Just wanted to throw this out there. A sudden pop-up storm made this a pain in the ass to upload.

In other news…. well, I’m starting to not like the name of my blog. “EDM’s World.” At the time I made that up, I didn’t realize that the initials EDM were used by a band, and I hate having a name that could cause people to mistake me for someone else. So I’m strongly considering going back to my old location at

But due to my connection issues caused by afformentioned storm, that will have to wait.