Lacking Inspiration

So, this time my lack of updates has a rather mundane explanation… in addition to inconsistent weather (seriously there’s so many pop-up thunderstorms lately) and my having suffered inexplicable back pains the last 2-3 days, the main reason I haven’t posted new videos or done much of anything is simply… I’m out of ideas.

Yeah, seriously. Its like I’ll have a thought, but then when I try to act on it, I realize there’s not enough there to fuel the fire.

It’s kinda extending everywhere lately. Like I’ll sit down to play a game but immediately get bored, that kind of thing. The only game lately I’ve been able to play consistently is Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast.

Which all sucks because I had a lot of projects I wanted to do. I still want to do a video about the sucktitude of the LOTR movies, a Zippcast version of my Linkara Hobbit response, some vlogs about fantasy, a book review of a book I’m surprised even exists, a lets play, and most important of all: Recently I made up a character to tell my niece stories about–this character being a pink cat named Punky Dazzle. I promised her I would write and illustrate a book about Punky, and I’ve written the prose part down, but haven’t done the drawing yet. This wasn’t gonna be just a pet project either–I intended to put this book up for download on my Google Drive, and use it as a springboard for a webcomic (or possibly illustrated web-novel?) project.

(Yeah, a webcomic would probably be better because people actually read those. When it comes to prose writing, I get the feeling nobody on the internet likes to read unless its a smutty fanfic and even then they just skip to the steamy parts. Though to be honest, I don’t like reading on a screen either, which is why I buy physical copies of books even when I can download them from Project Gutenburg. The flipside though, is that its harder to create a comic than it is to write a novel, even one that has the occasional illustration).

Well, that’s whats happening.


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