Just a Heads-Up

Slowly but surely I’m working to become more active. I’ve eliminated most of the things that have been slowing me down. Starting soon (I hope) I’ll begin doing a Lets Play of Mario 64 as a warm-up before I start trying to LP a bunch of RPGs, a genre I’m trying to get back into. I’ve also been trying to prepare a video review of Heroes of Might and Magic, just that the game keeps being uncooperative (the elements I want to talk about never occur when I’m recording).

Other than that, my activities have consisted of reading/listening to Creepypastas and watching the only two anime I can still get into–Lupin the Third and Detective Conan. I need to do some anime reviews too.

See ya.


John the Fearless now on Youtube — and other stuff

Someone actually requested that I put “John the Fearless” on Youtube as for some, Zippcast is problematic. Well, wish granted… and in addition, this time its the whole VHS tape in one go, not split into two parts. So use Keepvid or something to grab it before the inevitable copyright strike occurs:


And yes… my uploading and content has been sporadic. Again. Like I said last year, I have problems with the cold, so winter is a bad time for me.

My main activity lately has been playing Heroes of Might and Magic, the first one…. which shows that something is wrong with me, because its a god-awful game. I honestly almost did a review of it similar to my X-Com review from way back when. The problem though is that Heroes is (usually) not cheatey bullshit… rather, usually its one of those “strategy games” that’s really all about having strong super-units in your army and stomping all over the competition, which is not what I think “strategy” should be. Strategy should, you know, reward thought and planning (like the term “strategy” entails).

There’s more problems I have (the units being wildly unbalanced, you being screwed if your starting hero is a knight, etc) but I’ll save the details for a review.