An Intro to Lovecraft (response to Markiplier)

Okay, context: Markiplier played a game based on H.P. Lovecraft. It was one of the few games accurately adapted from a story, in this case The Terrible Old Man. Watch that first.

I promised links. They are in the video description, but I’ll replicate them here: The home page of Lovecraft expert and biographer S.T. Joshi. If you click on “S.T.’s Blog” and go to the September 13th, 2014 entry (its not a normal blog so I can’t direct link) you’ll find the first of many articles where he discusses Lovecraft’s racism and shows how its exaggerated by critics. In “Selected Writing” his article to Charles Baxter also discusses that, and his review of Haefale’s book discusses August Derleth. Website where you can read all of Lovecraft’s writing online. Funny and informative Lovecraft-centric podcast, also does live readings.


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