Interest Check: Voltron Liveblog?

Hey guys,

Lately, I’ve been into Voltron again. I’m trying currently to collect the original Media Blasters sets, and especially any that came in one of the tins shaped like a lion. I might also collect Vehicle Voltron too. And yes, I’m trying to acquire GoLion and Dairugger XV as well, and have already gotten the first volumes of both.

On that note, I have never ever seen “Vehicle Voltron,” but to my surprise I actually really like Dairugger and am hoping I can get all three of AnimeWorks sets of it sometime soon.

But back to the topic question: I had half a thought of doing a sort of vlog about Voltron, where at the end of each disc I do an overview of the episodes with reviews, comments, and my patented unfunny attempts at humor. Should I bother or not? I’d sincerely like your thoughts.


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