Slenderman Sucks

My longest video yet! Also has the potential to be my most embarrassing–there was no script, and I meander a lot.

If you can’t stand to listen to me for 44 minutes, the point I make is basically that Slenderman works as a “boogeyman” style monster to scare children with, but as he currently is, there’s not much you can actually do with the character–pretty much, your options are limited to “someone investigates a friend’s strange behavior, finds disturbing journals or drawings, sees Slenderman, goes insane, then dies.” And that gets old.

Even Slenderbloggers are aware of this because many slender stories actually wind up sidelining the Slenderman in favor of B.S. such as the protagonists having evil split personalities. One of the biggest Slender series, EverymanHYBRID, basically doesn’t even mention Slenderman anymore–even just after two months, it introduced the Rake, then started this nonsense with a dude named HABIT who liked to leave cryptic (read: clearly bullshit) messages, and now its focused on Candle Cove, of all things. Slender has left the building.

What needs to happen is for Slender to be elaborated on. More concrete info revealed about him and what his purpose is, while still leaving some mysteries unanswered. He should be more like a Lovecraft creation. But this will never happen because the Slender fanbase will reject any change to a community character even if its a change arguably for the better.

Incidentally, I mention in the video that I made a ramble inspired by Spoony’s review of D&D 5th Edition. I basically agree with his review, and opine that people these days are less imaginative and creative primarily because they have worse sources of inspiration. I may upload that video later.



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