Is it Spring yet?

I may have said this a lot lately but… I hate winter. So it makes me glad that February is almost over and March begins soon.

This has been a really crappy last couple of months. I haven’t made any new videos, and I haven’t beaten any games–in fact for awhile I stopped gaming entirely, and focused more on reading, but even that eventually wore out its welcome. Last night though I got tired of this state of things, and determined that I was going to try and get back into my once-favorite genre: RPGs. Preferably something for MS-DOS and with a fantasy theme, because that’s how I roll.

I think the reason I haven’t enjoyed them as much is because of something I call “mental constipation.” Basically, my mind rejects more inspiration from certain sources until I expel that inspiration, usually in the form of a story, but I have no story I want to tell that’s similar to a classic fantasy RPG. I finally got around this by just making one up and typing it stream-of-consciousness. It’s the worst novel ever and I’m not sure I’ll ever upload it, but it exists anyway and it seems to have helped clear the mental constipation a bit.

Other than that, the only game I’ve been playing is Blood a classic first-person shooter made on the Build engine (so it plays a lot like Duke Nukem 3D) and which you can buy on GOG along with its (IMO inferior) sequel. What makes Blood cool to me is the weapons, which take some getting used to but make it really fun to kill things, and also that you play as a character who is technically evil, and it’s one of the few games where there’s nothing all that heroic about what you’re doing. Indeed the ending even kinda emphasizes this.

I also have long wanted to do a video series detailing how bad the Lord of the Rings movies are, but it’s been hard to get inspired due to, well, the cold. When I’m freezing I don’t want to make videos, I want to hunker under a blanket. Well, maybe soon.

Anyway, just letting you know I’m still alive!



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