Kids Ruin Everything

So recently my family called me up and asked if I’d like to have a get-together at a local fairground, and it was supposed to be earlier this week but it wound up getting pushed back until the absolute last day of the fair, and to be honest up until the last minute I wasn’t sure. See, I kinda sorta don’t like hanging out with my family and I was also on a kick about trying to save money, and fairs are, you know, expensive.

But what the heck, right? I’ll buy one of those armbands that gives you unlimited access to all the rides… then I get there and there’s a sign that says you literally can’t buy armbands until 6pm (I arrived at 3pm). Well, already that kind of sucks, because now I have to ration out doing rides vs. how much money I want to spend.

Then my sister gets there and she has two kids, and things get worse.

Okay, first of all, part of the reason I don’t like get togethers with my family is they invariably involve my sister, who–to put it bluntly–is a self-righteous bitch. The best way I can explain it is, you guys remember IJBM, that TV Tropes spinoff forum I used to go to? Imagine someone who is the personification of that, and you’re related to her. Every time she’s around she makes sniping comments and clearly tries to start a fight, which of course is somehow always my fault.

It only got worse when she had kids.

Now here’s the thing, there’s two kinds of parents in the world: Those who bend to their kids’ will, and those who force kids to bend to theirs. I don’t mean like physical abuse, but… just for example, when I’m at Geo’s house and if me and him wanna watch something (like, say, The Smurfs and the Magic Flute), we’ll put it in and tell the kids “don’t complain” or even reward them if they’re good. So they’ve learned he’s the master and have become obedient.

My sister, on the other hand, is the kind who lets her little girl do pretty much anything she wants, and as a result, any fair trip, flea market trip, or otherwise get-together that involves those kids in any way ends up being “we’re forced to do what the three-year-old wants to do.” It doesn’t help that my mom similarly likes to dote on them. Oh, my sister makes a big show of being a forceful parent, but when I compare her kids to Geo’s, there’s no contest.

So here’s how the fairground went:

I went on the ferris wheel because that’s what the 3-year-old wanted to do. And I won’t lie: I get fucking tense on rides. Yeah, I’m that nervous guy who always thinks I’m gonna be the one at the top of the wheel when it finally decides to break down. So imagine how much worse it is when you’re with a three-year-old who is all trying to look over the edges and stuff.

And that was basically how it went. Whatever fun I might’ve had here was sucked out of it because none of us were literally allowed to have any free will outside of what the dumb little kid wanted to do. If she wanted to win a stuffed Finding Nemo, we had to pay to let her play. Go on the big slide? Had to follow her. Even when she wanted to go to the livestock exhibit and see the bunnies, what wound up happening was she got bored after looking at just a few. To make matters worse, my sister had brought her one-year-old along and since he was too young to do anything that meant basically we had to take turns watching him… and he’s the kind of kid who likes to wander off, get himself hurt, and start crying at every little thing. Kids that young really should not be out in public, they should stay at home where any emergencies can be quickly handled because you know where everything is, but nope, parents will make up bullshit reasons for bringing their little spawn out in public.

And seriously, some people just shouldn’t have kids. Especially people who are pretty much always gonna find a way to pass the buck onto someone else.

Anyway, that’s the blog entry for today.


In random news, the Zippcast channel seems to be going well, and cold weather is coming in, which I’m dreading because I freaking hate the cold. Also scored a boxed copy of the MS-DOS game Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday, one of the better games in the Gold Box series (can it still be called that when the box isn’t gold?) Also have been nostalgic for the original Half-Life lately so I’m playing that again, might do a video on it. You know, like I do a video on everything else I say I’m gonna do a video on. Me and Geo are thinking of moving into a big house together and if that happens it’ll improve my productivity a lot but until then I’m gonna be kind of slow.

Also, anyone who doesn’t watch Gekisou Sentai Carranger–WATCH IT! It is brilliant!


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