Shit happens

So, since my last entry, I’ve been trying to get my projects back on track, but then fate struck me a curveball.

So one night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept running to the bathroom… and after awhile, it started to hurt. By sunrise, I needed a doctor. This state of things lasted for three days, and I later learned I had been the victim of salmonella. I kinda censored the description there, in case anyone is eating (I don’t know how to spoiler-mark things on WordPress, either), but suffice to say its gross, its painful, and its not something I would wish on even my worst enemy. Giving someone salmonella is almost worse than killing them.

For almost two whole days, sleep was impossible, and I was so weakened and delirious that all I could do with my time was watch old Huckleberry Hound cartoons on Boomerang (anything more intellectually-demanding would have to wait until I felt better).

It sucked. That’s really all I can say.

Fortunately, that was more than a week ago. I’m recovered now, but I’m not sure how I caught it in the first place–it could be something I ate, or something in the water, or maybe my sister’s kid gave me something, or who knows. So now I have to be careful what I eat. Then again, that’s something we should all do anyway.

In other news, I recently bought the original Armored Core for Playstation from a Digitpress seller, have become a Gran Turismo fan–in fact lately I’ve been nursing an obsession with racing games–and have been playing Xenogears again. So my Playstation 1 is getting a lot of love. I may post an entry about each of those games at some future point.

Anyway, I hope nobody else got sick.


Frozen sucks (an Edm.D and Geo chat)

Recorded last weekend at Geo’s house, these are our thoughts on Disney’s Frozen, which half the internet seems to be in love with. Lesson learned: If the internet likes it, it’s probably terrible.

(Likewise, if the internet hates it, it might actually be good. Metal Gear Solid 2 being a case in point. Sorry Geo, but I had to say that! 😉