Edm.D – Lemmings Chronicles first impressions


So yeah, seems decent so far.

Next thing you know I’ll get my Sidewinder working. (Actually, I’ve made some headway on that, so keep your fingers crossed).


A rant about PC gaming and peripherals

This leads me to a question:

Guys, if you were in my shoes, what would you do:

A) Do research then buy a new flightstick that is sure to work precisely the way I want it to?

B) Just say “f— it” and give up on PC peripheral controllers, opting to only use mice and keyboards from this point on?

I do happen to own one game that actually requires a joystick–that being X-Wing vs Tie Fighter–but since that runs in Windows 98, it’ll work fine with either of the controllers I have. Besides I might sell it at some point, since I’m far from being a Star Wars fan.

Slow Month, PC Gaming, and plugging another internet review show

So, okay, I’ve been meaning to do another video, but I just haven’t felt the inclination. I’ve made a few but they all feel like they lack heart.

So instead I think I’ll mention what I’ve been doing lately. Now, as I said earlier, I don’t do good in the cold so I’ve been staying home a lot, getting cozy with Mazinkaiser, and I wound up discovering an RPG that I missed back in its own time: Dungeon Master.

Actually, I’m not playing the original game, but rather one of its fan-remakes, “Return to Chaos,” as well as another one called “CBSwin.” I’m not gonna say too much because I might do a video on it, but in essence “Return to Chaos” is more beginner-friendly while “CBSwin” is more for the purists. Such purists could also download an Amiga emulator and play it that way, but then you have to deal with disc-swapping and stuff and honestly I can’t see anyone putting up with that.

I’ve also lately been watching another review show which I just discovered, called Ancient DOS Games. Unlike most reviewers, this guy has a focus on being informational, and his shows follow a strict format which goes over things like supported devices, commercial availability and even recommended Dosbox settings, in addition to commenting on the actual games. I highly recommend him.

Oh, another thing I should mention real quick:


Anyway, hopefully the cold weather will end soon. I’ve also been visiting my IRL friend George a lot more often, and that tends to help me feel inspired, so hopefully things will get rolling.

Other things:

* Been reading the manga of Fist of the North Star. If I like it I’ll buy the DiscoTek DVDs of the anime.

* I lately realized I love Scott Pilgrim. It’s funny because, like Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim was a series I initially thought couldn’t possibly be any good. Lesson learned: Any time I think something might suck, I should try it out.

* Recently bought Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Gotten as far as the rematch against Piston Honda and now I’m up against a wall.

* Me and George watched my “Introducing Mazinkaiser” video and I noticed a hilarious flub that I somehow missed all those months ago. Also, I promised a follow-up to that video which I never got around to making, and since some things have changed since then, I probably should make it…

* Still sucking: MLP.

See ya next time, gamers!