A rant about PC gaming and peripherals

This leads me to a question:

Guys, if you were in my shoes, what would you do:

A) Do research then buy a new flightstick that is sure to work precisely the way I want it to?

B) Just say “f— it” and give up on PC peripheral controllers, opting to only use mice and keyboards from this point on?

I do happen to own one game that actually requires a joystick–that being X-Wing vs Tie Fighter–but since that runs in Windows 98, it’ll work fine with either of the controllers I have. Besides I might sell it at some point, since I’m far from being a Star Wars fan.

Slow Month, PC Gaming, and plugging another internet review show

So, okay, I’ve been meaning to do another video, but I just haven’t felt the inclination. I’ve made a few but they all feel like they lack heart.

So instead I think I’ll mention what I’ve been doing lately. Now, as I said earlier, I don’t do good in the cold so I’ve been staying home a lot, getting cozy with Mazinkaiser, and I wound up discovering an RPG that I missed back in its own time: Dungeon Master.

Actually, I’m not playing the original game, but rather one of its fan-remakes, “Return to Chaos,” as well as another one called “CBSwin.” I’m not gonna say too much because I might do a video on it, but in essence “Return to Chaos” is more beginner-friendly while “CBSwin” is more for the purists. Such purists could also download an Amiga emulator and play it that way, but then you have to deal with disc-swapping and stuff and honestly I can’t see anyone putting up with that.

I’ve also lately been watching another review show which I just discovered, called Ancient DOS Games. Unlike most reviewers, this guy has a focus on being informational, and his shows follow a strict format which goes over things like supported devices, commercial availability and even recommended Dosbox settings, in addition to commenting on the actual games. I highly recommend him.

Oh, another thing I should mention real quick:


Anyway, hopefully the cold weather will end soon. I’ve also been visiting my IRL friend George a lot more often, and that tends to help me feel inspired, so hopefully things will get rolling.

Other things:

* Been reading the manga of Fist of the North Star. If I like it I’ll buy the DiscoTek DVDs of the anime.

* I lately realized I love Scott Pilgrim. It’s funny because, like Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim was a series I initially thought couldn’t possibly be any good. Lesson learned: Any time I think something might suck, I should try it out.

* Recently bought Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Gotten as far as the rematch against Piston Honda and now I’m up against a wall.

* Me and George watched my “Introducing Mazinkaiser” video and I noticed a hilarious flub that I somehow missed all those months ago. Also, I promised a follow-up to that video which I never got around to making, and since some things have changed since then, I probably should make it…

* Still sucking: MLP.

See ya next time, gamers!