Snow sucks. Also, FPS gaming.

So, it’s snowing. That sucks.

I don’t get why everyone is always “Awww yeah its snowing, WOO HOO!” To me, snow means a chance of power-outs, being unable to go anywhere due to road conditions, and lots of white stuff. Also no going outside cuz its freezing. The only remotely cool part is that on nights with a good moon, the snow lights up the world around you. Seriously, once I went out at like 1 AM, and it was so well-lit that it was like early morning.

Well, if the power doesn’t go out, I have things to keep me busy.

Lately I’ve been into First-Person Shooters again. It started a few weeks back when I went to George’s for the weekend, and we visited Goodwill… and they had a copy of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold.

For those who don’t know Blake Stone, this guy’s video sums it up quite well. I used to own a copy, wound up losing it in a trade and at the time I didn’t miss it, but when I had a chance to get a second copy for just a dollar, I jumped at the chance.

Here’s some other FPSes I’ve picked up recently:

Blood – This one I discovered thanks to the reviewer I linked to previously (here’s his review of Blood. I downloaded a demo and then later bought the full game on eBay. Based on the Build engine, so it plays like Duke Nukem 3D, but with many differences.

Rise of the Triad – Most any PC gamer will likely have heard of this one, especially since there’s a remake now. Got it for cheap.

War in Heaven – A… Religious-themed FPS. You can play as either an Angel or a Demon with different levels for each. Got it cheap, and thank goodness I did–its not very good (not that I expected it to be).

I also ordered the Id Anthology (collection of all of Id Software’s pre-Quake games), which I expect to come in the mail soon.

But the FPS I’ve been enjoying the most is… Wolfenstein 3D. Yeah, the precursor to Doom. Despite its age, it’s got one thing usually missing from games these days: tension. It’s a game where just a few well-placed shots can end you, kinda like an earlier, less-realistic Rainbow Six. It makes you feel the need to clear rooms quickly and jump every time you hear a door open and you know YOU didn’t open it. Such fear gives it an addictive quality that I quite like. In fact the reason I ordered the Id Anthology was so I could get Spear of Destiny, its sequel.

I hope the snow doesn’t slow the mail down…

… Oh, yeah, I’m working on more MLP Episode reviews. Have one that’s almost done, just its hard to inspire myself to work on it with how cold its been lately. Please, Spring, come soon.


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