X-Com: UFO Defense (PC)

This isn’t even the video I was going to post this week, but I was so mad I had to do it.

Spoony One, forgive me…


5 thoughts on “X-Com: UFO Defense (PC)

  1. Oh man, I hate to bring this up again but this has been bugging me and I just had to get it out.

    I saw the post where Skykid justified his beliefs by saying “we don’t have rights anyway.” Just… where does he get off? Has this asshole ever lived in a real police state? I doubt it. Like most white people on the internet, he has no concept of what freedom, liberty or human rights really mean, and probably thinks his rights are being infringed any time his favorite show gets cancelled. My family immigrated here from the Soviet Union so I DO have an understanding of what a world where people don’t have rights is like, and it’s just so offensive that this privileged white kid thinks we have no freedom when he can GET ON THE INTERNET AND OPENLY BITCH ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT, ANY TIME HE WANTS. I assure you, if we were really living in the fascist dictatorship Skykid thinks we’re living in, then he would NOT be allowed to do that!

    The worst thing about the internet is all these privileged, spoiled white kids who think they’re living in oppression when really, they’ve got the best deal ever. People shouldn’t talk unless they’ve been there, and it’s all too clear that these people haven’t.

    • I think we can all agree that Skykid is a fucking retard.

      That being said, please don’t bring up forum dramas in topics that aren’t specifically dedicated to it. I don’t want this to become a hate-blog.

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