To anyone who still thinks gun bans work…

From this article:

Within a decade of the handgun ban and the confiscation of handguns from registered owners, crime with handguns had doubled according to British government crime reports. Gun crime, not a serious problem in the past, now is. Armed street gangs have some British police carrying guns for the first time. Moreover, another massacre occurred in June 2010. Derrick Bird, a taxi driver in Cumbria, shot his brother and a colleague then drove off through rural villages killing 12 people and injuring 11 more before killing himself.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens who have come into the possession of a firearm, even accidentally, have been harshly treated. In 2009 a former soldier, Paul Clarke, found a bag in his garden containing a shotgun. He brought it to the police station and was immediately handcuffed and charged with possession of the gun. At his trial the judge noted: “In law there is no dispute that Mr. Clarke has no defence to this charge. The intention of anybody possessing a firearm is irrelevant.” Mr. Clarke was sentenced to five years in prison. A public outcry eventually won his release.

Honestly, I can’t get that second paragraph out of my mind. Seriously, people can be arrested just for having a gun–even if the reason they have it is because somebody threw it in their yard, and even if they did the proper and legal thing and turned it in? People actually would rather America adapt such Orwellian measures, just for the sake of feeling a little safer? That’s… that’s scary.

And here’s a statistical report released by the United Kingdom government. Highlights include:

There were 636 homicides in England and Wales in 2010/11 including the 12 victims of the Cumbrian shootings committed on 2 June 2010. The total number of homicides in 2010/11 was 28 higher than the 608 in 2009/10
(a 5% increase)

* There were 60 victims of homicide by shooting (58 by firearm, 2 by crossbow), an increase of 19 from 2009/10. This includes the 12 victims of the Cumbrian shootings

Really, the very fact that they’re still having gun violence at all (and even have a section of their report dedicated to firearm crimes) proves what myself and TheWrathOfSeven have been saying all along: gun bans will not work. Just like drug bans didn’t work in the eighties and alcohol bans didn’t work in the 1920s.

But of course, certain people will never be convinced, no matter how many facts you present. It’s clear that on some level, the wish to ban guns is more about emotional stimuli (or, to put that in layman’s terms: fear) than about probability or what’s actually best for society. Some people are just born to be sheep.


6 thoughts on “To anyone who still thinks gun bans work…

  1. yeah man i hear ya. i am so sick of hearing ban this and ban that.
    ban violent video games
    ban guns
    ban drugs
    like you said there is NO PROOF that it does ANY good
    by the way nice fanfic. so true, so true

  2. If I may offer a suggestion… stop going to that forum. Seriously, I read the gun topics and I can see that is one of the most hostile and immature places your ever likely to visit. It makes 4chan look rosy by comparison, and its doing bad things for your temper. For your own sake, drop it.

  3. I understand and respect your beliefs.

    However, gun control advocacy is not about banning guns, its only about enforcing tighter measures to prevent dangerous people from getting them.

    I was incensed when I read your “Fanfic,” until I found out about that internet forum. Christ, those people. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I assure you, people like that are NOT the majority of gun control advocates!

  4. “Sky Boy” is based on Sky Kid right? Hehe I guess thats obvious, but even if you called him something else I could tell. Seriously I thought that was a strawman at first until I saw that he really says things like that.

    Did you see his post where he says compare the amount of gun deaths between the UK and US? He doesn’t want you to compare relevant facts like overall crime rate or homicide rates, just how many are caused by guns. He only cares about results that are doctored to conform to his beliefs. And he’s wrong: Switzerland has more gun owners than the US and its rate of gun-related deaths is LOWER that most countries that ban guns. But if you say that, he will just flame you, and probably get away with it. Those admins are sure lazy.

  5. Did you see the posts where they’re calling you insane because of that “fanfic?” Holy shit, these guys are retarded.

    Jonathan Swift, Charles Dickens, Niccolo Machiavelli, these guys all wrote works that were Take Thats at people they knew. One of Lord Byron’s poems was about his crazy ex girlfriend. A lot of famous songs are Take Thats as well. So I guess those people are psychopaths too :eyeroll: Have these people ever read a book before, or done ANYTHING outside of play video games? I doubt it.

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