Update – Future Videos and Gun Debate Idiocy

I never thought I’d use “Skippady-doo-dah” as a greeting…

Anyway, here’s the promised links:

For reference, Here’s where the gun debate began. It was eventually split off into its own topic

Post where BareknuckleRoo compares owning guns to owning nukes

I really do wonder about people sometimes…


2 thoughts on “Update – Future Videos and Gun Debate Idiocy

  1. Huh, it’s been a while sense I commented here…

    The whole gun debate isn’t even really a debate, or argument, at all. It’s an excuse for right/left parties to call eachother communists/facists when they should be trying to fix the economy.

    Same with the gay marriage and abortion debates.

    • Yeah, I haven’t seen you much at all lately.

      And yeah. Pretty much, nobody wants to “debate,” they just want to bitch each other into submission. The problem with that in the gun debate is that if it comes down to just one side overpowering the other, GUNS WIN, thus rendering that method completely pointless.

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