Downtime possible

Hey guys,

My ISP is trying to screw me over, so its possible my presence online might become more sporadic than it already is.

The basic situation is this: Currently I’ve got a deal with HughesNet where I get 10GB of bandwidth a month, but at night it becomes unlimited bandwidth–meaning if I stay up late, I can do all the really intensive stuff like downloading Youtube videos etc.

But now they’re trying to change it so that instead of nighttime being unlimited, I just have an extra 10 GB during that time. I’m really not a huge fan of this idea because it means I’d be able to do basically nothing, I’d have to stop watching Youtube videos and stuff. I might also have to stop uploading videos (because even though UPloads aren’t supposed to eat into bandwidth, they do anyway). Which would suck.

Here’s hoping I can get this fixed.


9 thoughts on “Downtime possible

  1. Well that sucks. I live out in the country and internet here is hit or miss, so having a week without internet has happened quite a bit in the last year.

    There’s other service providers with better policies. I use Wildblue.

    • Sorry, but it looks like my bandwidth limit is here to stay. So from now on I have to be picky about what I download.

      In better news tho, I’m hoping to put together another review video soon.

      • … That’s an oddly apropos question, since I was just looking thru my PC game library and realizing I have an overabundance of strategy/simulation games (which, on the whole, aren’t actually a genre I care for much).

        I’ve played the original Civilization. I tried to play Civilization II but for some reason it never worked right. I never bothered with the ones after it.

  2. “I have an overabundance of strategy/simulation games (which, on the whole, aren’t actually a genre I care for much).”

    That’s unfortunate, because I love that genre to death and only have 3 games about it as of now.

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