more proof that originality is dead in America

This is something I just happened to run across.

Okay, first of all, Here’s Lion-O from the 2012 remake of Thundercats.

Why am I posting that? Because of here’s Levan, the hero of Cartoon Network’s “Legends of Chima,” a new show that just came out.

I don’t watch CN anymore, and wouldn’t have noticed except for an advertisement on a Youtube video, but once I saw it I had to mention this. Throughout the ad I kept expecting it to say “Lego Thundercats” (Levan there isn’t the only one with a coincidental similarity) but nope, its a new thing.


In other news, I picked up Dynasty Warriors 2 and Onimusha (the first one, also called Onimusha Warlords) at a game store two days ago. I’ve already beaten the latter, which is something I’m sad to report because I freaking loved Onimusha. Dynasty Warriors 2, on the other hand, is kinda boring. But I might feature it in a video, so I’ll say no more.



7 thoughts on “more proof that originality is dead in America

    • Am I the only one who isn’t excited for that movie? Like, I get it’s the guy who made Pans Labrinyth but compare the trailer to Transformers (2008) and it’s not much different.

      It seems like one of those movies that doesn’t focus much on plot or concepts as much as CGI and special affects. Basically a watered down version of Godzilla.

      • Actually, It’s quite character driven, and the scenes with the pilots inside the robot is all practical effects.

        That’s what early reviewers are saying.

        Also, it celebrates Giant robot anime and Kaiju Movies, so being like Godzilla is pretty much the point behind it.

  1. I saw that trailer, too. And I have to say the actual short is the most bland, uninspired, and yawn inducing commercialized product I’ve ever seen.

    Whatever you do, don’t watch it. I don’t recommend the remake of TC either, it’s just too episodic.

    • “remake of TC” does TC mean Thundercats? (cuz I wasn’t aware anyone had remade Top Cat 😉 Yay, fun with acronyms!

      I… saw the first three episodes of Thundercats and I actually liked it. And yes, I’m still shocked to be saying that. It’s by no means better than the original (the episode where they met the little leaf-people kinda ate at me) but it wasn’t horrible, like the remake of He-Man was.

      BTW, I might have less of an online presence lately because my ISP is trying to screw me over.

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