A new complication in my life

Slight update – Despite what I said in the video, I discovered afterwards that widdleness here can be fed out of a saucer. He hasn’t quite got the technique down though (he keeps dipping his nose into the milk)

Well, I also got some new games–Rainbow Six and Outpost 1.5 (the latter isn’t necessarily “new” to me–its just a patched version of a game I already own). Both for PC. Will talk more in coming weeks.


Why Yoyo is Best Kitty

Two things I didn’t realize until I was done.

First was that at the beginning it kinda looked like I punched her. I didn’t–I just scruffled her fur a little. She was already in a hand-biting mood (to her, it’s just a game).

Second was that the whole video comes off like Yoyo coerced me into letting her be a lap-cat and having me say how cute she is. Oh well! 😉

Downtime possible

Hey guys,

My ISP is trying to screw me over, so its possible my presence online might become more sporadic than it already is.

The basic situation is this: Currently I’ve got a deal with HughesNet where I get 10GB of bandwidth a month, but at night it becomes unlimited bandwidth–meaning if I stay up late, I can do all the really intensive stuff like downloading Youtube videos etc.

But now they’re trying to change it so that instead of nighttime being unlimited, I just have an extra 10 GB during that time. I’m really not a huge fan of this idea because it means I’d be able to do basically nothing, I’d have to stop watching Youtube videos and stuff. I might also have to stop uploading videos (because even though UPloads aren’t supposed to eat into bandwidth, they do anyway). Which would suck.

Here’s hoping I can get this fixed.

more proof that originality is dead in America

This is something I just happened to run across.

Okay, first of all, Here’s Lion-O from the 2012 remake of Thundercats.

Why am I posting that? Because of here’s Levan, the hero of Cartoon Network’s “Legends of Chima,” a new show that just came out.

I don’t watch CN anymore, and wouldn’t have noticed except for an advertisement on a Youtube video, but once I saw it I had to mention this. Throughout the ad I kept expecting it to say “Lego Thundercats” (Levan there isn’t the only one with a coincidental similarity) but nope, its a new thing.


In other news, I picked up Dynasty Warriors 2 and Onimusha (the first one, also called Onimusha Warlords) at a game store two days ago. I’ve already beaten the latter, which is something I’m sad to report because I freaking loved Onimusha. Dynasty Warriors 2, on the other hand, is kinda boring. But I might feature it in a video, so I’ll say no more.