And now for some cuteness!

So I was trying to capture Yoyo’s cuteness on video, when…

… She ran between me and the laptop, and in doing so accidentally pulled the wire out of the webcam.


In other news, lately I’ve been playing First-Person Shooters. And I mean the good ones: Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and maybe the original Medal of Honor (jury is still out on whether its good or not). In particular Doom 64 is giving me a hell of a time (pun completely intended).

Might do a full write-up (or even a video) when I’m done. I also kinda want to do an overview of the Heretic/Hexen series (there are reviews online, but all the ones I’ve seen suck. Like there’s a guy who talks about the game but only shows us the first level. How lazy can you get?)

Also, been reading the Doom novelizations. Yes, there were Doom novelizations. And surprisingly they’re kind of a fun read.


28 thoughts on “And now for some cuteness!

  1. I thought there’d be something like a Doom novel, though there’s not too much plot to work with from the game.

    Unrelated note: Even though you’re not exactly a modern gamer, do you plan on seeing E3?

    • And the strange part is, the first novel is actually true to the game. Let that sink in for a second.

      I’ve never had any interest in E3. Neither has Yoyo šŸ˜‰

      • Then that means the entire novel is 15 pages long, with 10 of the pages being gunfire and walking and the other 5 being the intro and epilogue?

        Doom 3 had a decent plot, at least compared to the original :/

        Well E3 is on today,

    • If by “interesting” and “more informed” you mean you now realize not to take anything JSoup says seriously, except for the rare times he’s actually right.

      re: Doom novel… its actually 250 pages, and actually pretty entertaining. At first its just Flynn Taggart (that’s his name in the books) travelling alone.. he’s actually got a motive: one of the marines who went missing is his lady love and he wants to find her still alive. He does find, her, and then the thing turns into a co-op.

      Speaking of which, yesterday I went to Goodwill and… well, actually bought some Star Wars novels. I am officially a loser now.

      • Like which ones? The ones I picked up were “Shadows of the Empire” and the Thrawn trilogy, and so far I’m not enjoying either. And Thrawn is supposed to be the best.

        Oddly enough, I read novelizations of the actual movies not long ago and actually enjoyed them somewhat.

  2. TV Tropes like to act like complaining is a bad thing and is immature.

    That implies they think the any kind of revolution is a waste of time because it involves “complaining”.

    Dead brained idiots…

    • Kinda tired of talking about TV Tropes to be honest.

      I mean, there is only so many times you can go over “yeah, what a bunch of retards” before one is out of material.

      My turn for a random question: Do you do drugs?

      • Beating deceased horses is fun šŸ˜›

        “Do you do drugs?”

        Prescriptioned. I’m not a huge fan of people who act like being straight edge matters in the long run.

      • Hey now, Applejack’s parents are deceased horses!

        I won’t lie, I’ve had a few drug trips in my time. In fact a part of me wonders what it would be like to O.D. on Benadryl while watching a marathon of Space Sheriff Gavan (I linked to the first episode of this in my Zyuranger post… WATCH IT, if you haven’t already).

      • No, they’re deceased equines šŸ˜›

        Now, sense I seem to have discovered TV Tropes in mid 2011 and have visited it ever sense, I’m knowledgable enough about it. But I’ve never been to IJBM or whatever. What happened to it? No one on the other forum talks about it most of the time, so the only thing I know is that drama ruined it for everyone.

    • The story with IJBM is it used to be a part of the regular TV Tropes forum, but it resulted in so much drama and infighting and was basically, troll central, and a lot of the feuds that started there kept spilling into the rest of the forum.

      So Fast Eddie and co decided it had to go, and the people who really liked it decided to start their own IJBM somewhere else… where it went on proving why Fast Eddie deleted it in the first place (not to mention having mods who always badmouthed Fast Eddie’s policies, but were just as bad themselves).

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