Speaking of Sentai…

“Goseiger and Gokaiger: Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle” is a must-watch.

You can download it at http://krdl.info/ (it’s listed under “Gokaiger”). You need to make an account, but its free (I might make an account just to share with my friends). The version subtitled by Over-Time is better than the one by TV-Nihon (the latter likes to leave in random Japanese words and phrases and it can get confusing). It can also be torrented here.

There is an upload on Youtube, but… that uses the TV-Nihon sub. Watch that only if all the other options don’t work.


8 thoughts on “Speaking of Sentai…

      • I remember liking Cowboy Bebop, but the only time I saw it was when it played on Cartoon Network and that was YEEEAAAARRRRS ago.


        Well, I don’t *hate* Inu-Yasha, but I find it disappointing. You see, I was a Rumiko Takahashi fan from the minute I got into anime and was familiar with a lot of her work. Hell, Ranma 1/2 is what got me into anime and manga. So naturally I looked forward to Inu-Yasha.

        Now, you gotta understand Takahashi’s thing was that she came up with some unusual, far-out-of-left-field premises and made them work. I mean, Ranma 1/2 had episodes about “Martial Arts Tea Ceremony,” Urusei Yatsura was about an alien princess playing tag for the fate of planet earth (and later falling in love with the human who beat her at it and deciding to stay with him). A bunch of her Rumic World short stories involved everything from slice-of-life stories about a woman trying to hide a cat from her landlord to a girl who was trapped in a fire and, instead of being burned alive, instead got sent back to Feudal Japan (that last should sound vaguely familiar).

        Then Inu-Yasha comes along and.. its about a modern schoolgirl who goes back to ancient Japan, has a cast of characters who are all suspiciously similar to the cast of Ranma 1/2, and the story is a cliche hunt for a jewel of power.

        Don’t get me wrong, it has some awesome action and Takahashi’s gift for characters still shines through. It’s just that in comparison to her past work, Inu-Yasha felt a bit like a step backwards, less creative and more “just another shonen manga.” I would’ve rated Inu-Yasha highly if it were by any other author, but I expect better of Takahashi.

        … And I bet you didn’t expect such a long answer, did you? 😉

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