And now for some cuteness!

So I was trying to capture Yoyo’s cuteness on video, when…

… She ran between me and the laptop, and in doing so accidentally pulled the wire out of the webcam.


In other news, lately I’ve been playing First-Person Shooters. And I mean the good ones: Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and maybe the original Medal of Honor (jury is still out on whether its good or not). In particular Doom 64 is giving me a hell of a time (pun completely intended).

Might do a full write-up (or even a video) when I’m done. I also kinda want to do an overview of the Heretic/Hexen series (there are reviews online, but all the ones I’ve seen suck. Like there’s a guy who talks about the game but only shows us the first level. How lazy can you get?)

Also, been reading the Doom novelizations. Yes, there were Doom novelizations. And surprisingly they’re kind of a fun read.


Speaking of Sentai…

“Goseiger and Gokaiger: Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle” is a must-watch.

You can download it at (it’s listed under “Gokaiger”). You need to make an account, but its free (I might make an account just to share with my friends). The version subtitled by Over-Time is better than the one by TV-Nihon (the latter likes to leave in random Japanese words and phrases and it can get confusing). It can also be torrented here.

There is an upload on Youtube, but… that uses the TV-Nihon sub. Watch that only if all the other options don’t work.