I’ve watched all of Zyuranger… now what?

As you all know, I’ve been into Sentai and Tokusatsu lately.[1]

I spent most of my last couple of weeks watching a series called Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, which anyone who sees it will immediately recognize (assuming they’re old enough). Just take a peak. Watching this was kind of weird for me, because I grew up with its American counterpart… which used footage but generally not the plotlines, so I would see familiar scenes but in a completely different story. Imagine finding out your dad is actually a super-awesome robot spy from Space and the version you’ve been living with your whole life is an emasculated clone created by mixing his toenails with frog DNA, and you get the idea.

I wanted to do a video about this show, but I want to give it time to gel in my mind first. For the moment, I want to avoid more Sentai shows because I don’t want a lot of similar premises to overload my brain.

But there’s non-Sentai Toku, such as an interesting one I discovered today, Space Sheriff Gavan. Watch the first episode (with subtitles) here. Seriously, by the time we got to the heroic Cylon fighting the rubber monster in the LSD Dimension, I was completely sold… and then I found out that only the first five episodes had ever been fansubbed -__-. So I’m gonna have to learn Japanese if I ever want to see this entire series (or for that matter, the entire Metal Heroes series, which to be honest looks like it has the potential to be the best Toku franchise ever)

… Hey, maybe I can somehow use this blog as a medium for furthering my Japanese studies. What do you guys think?

[1] TO RECAP: “Tokusatsu” means “Special Effects” and generally refers to live-action kids shows that have TV-budget special effects and generally sci-fi premises. Ultraman, Super Sentai (and its American counterpart, Power Rangers), VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Kamen Rider (Masked Rider), Android Kikaider would all be examples. In a stretch, I’d even say that the 1970s version of Battlestar Galactica could be called a Tokusatsu. “Sentai” refers to a specific sub-genre which focuses on a color-coded team (ie… Power Rangers basically), though can also refer to anime with a similar premise (such as Sailor Moon or Voltron).


40 thoughts on “I’ve watched all of Zyuranger… now what?

    • Seems to depend on the Sentai. Some of them really are “stupid and terrible” but others have a surprising depth to them.

      Zyuranger starts out pretty dumb, with a lot of filler episodes, but it has a lot to like… like Mei being the best Pink Ranger ever.

  1. Kamen Rider, on the other hand, is a legit badass show.

    Pretty Cure is another anime inspired by Tokusatsu, and so are many other 70’s and 80’s super Robot shows (Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Voltron’s original series GoLion, ETC).

    In fact, All of the seasons of Pretty Cure have aired alongside the current Airing Super Sentai and Kamen Rider season since it’s original Debut on Japanese Television and it’s ratings have often surpassed them. Quite a force to be reckoned with, Toei has..

    • I’ve actually seen GoLion… good anime. Funny thing: Zyuranger’s DaiZyuJin (aka the Megazord) was actually modeled after GoLion (which… is ironic because back in the day, a lot of people accused Power Rangers of being a Voltron ripoff).

      Speaking of anime inspired by Tokusatsu, have you ever seen The Guyver?

      • Gonna have to disagree there. While it’s been ages since I’ve seen either of the live-action movies, I remember the first one being garbage and the second being awesome.

    • … You don’t have a sense of tact, do you?

      Keep in mind that some Digitpress readers read my blog. So now if they see you asking about them, they’ll know that you’re that same so-far-infamous person from Digitpress.

      Dude, no offense but your problem so far is that you care too much what other people think, and try too hard to get them to come around to your way of thinking. You do NOT need to follow people across multiple forums, you don’t need to PM everyone you’re talking to, and you don’t need to convince everyone that you’re right and they’re wrong.

      To answer your question, Kitsune is awesome and I wouldn’t mess with Terminusvitae–I think he’s a mod or something. Tupin and Gameguy are cool most of the time though they have had little quirks that annoyed me, but very minor ones.

      • Its not that I’m trying to be all imperialistic with my opinions, because virtually everywhere you can’t really ever win an argument.

        But it’d be nice to know why they have that opinion (Keep in mind I only ask if its something you rarely see), though. I can understand if they don’t care.

        Oh, and my Cracked profile was abandoned months ago-around November I think? So I stopped going to the forum there. TV Tropes I still visit-in a much more limited state.

      • Well, just a heads-up… Digitpress users tend to prefer staying on-topic, which is why they didn’t have much to say about Family Guy or the Simpsons when you asked, because that was the MLP thread and they wanted to talk about MLP.

        You could create a separate topic, but I would wait a month or so before doing it, to allow people to cool down (also, don’t name names).

        It’s good to hear that the Cracked guy wasn’t you, though.

  2. One reason why Pretty Cure is so well loved. it might have cuteness, but the plot progression starts going from cuteness into some really badass fights.

    here’s an example from the Yes Precure 5 GO GO movie:

    • What does “CKND” stand for?

      TMNT… I grew up with the eighties version, but nowadays only the first two seasons hold up. I wasn’t able to get into the 4Kids version although I liked some of its concepts. Similar issue with the recent Nick version… the ideas are decent, but the execution is terrible.

      • How is the execution NOT terrible? The over-the-top facial expressions, a tone that can’t decide if it wants to be funny or serious, “ninjas” who act more like retards (don’t tell me its excused because they’re teenagers–that still doesn’t excuse them making “Hiya” noises and doing faux martial arts poses when they’re supposed to have been trained by an actual ninja master). And so many other things.

        I liked the teenage April though.

        Also… when someone asks you “what does that stand for?” They’re not asking for a synopsis, they’re asking you to write out the words that go with the acronym. So if someone asks “What does NASA stand for?” the correct answer is “National Aeronautics and Space Administration.” Not “that organization that sends rockets to the moon.” That may be what it is, but that’s not what was asked.

        But that’s okay, someone else filled me in that “CKND” means “Codename Kids Next Door.” And since this response has gone on too long, I’m just gonna say IT’S THE WORST FUCKING CARTOON EVER MADE.


      That I already heard on TV Tropes forum (I lurk a lot). I can easily see why someone could think that way of it, but I still love it (underwear jokes aside…)

      I know I wasn’t supposed to summarize it, but I just can’t mention that shows title without a facepalm.

      Though I like it dearly…

      You have to admit, aside from the tone problems, 2003 TMNT actually handled the darker elements better then Transformers Prime.

      Dan Vs, however, shall remain my favorite Hub cartoon. Used to like Prime, until it turned into a walking comic book flaw. I really liked Renegades, too bad it was the one to get cancelled 😦

      Oh, and did the ATLA liveblog climb out of the grave yet?

      • I might continue ATLA whenever I get over my Hexen II addiction. It’s mostly just that lately when I want to watch something, I prefer Tokusatsu over cartoons.

        Kids Next Door might be the subject of a video at some point. It’s not just that its immature… its thoroughly vile. It’s so terrible that it actually makes me feel sorry for other Western Animation. Like if I watch Kids Next Door then watch literally anything else, then anything looks like a classic. Even the 2002 remake of He-Man.

      • “Kids Next Door might be the subject of a video at some point”

        That’d be cool.

        Now, I will say the concept is kind of cool. I mean, you’ve got these factions that fight and…

        Well there’s no way to change your mind, so I’ll stop trying.

        Cool concept. Nothing new though.

        Name the 5 worst anime and the 5 worst cartoons.

      • I have not yet watched Fullmetal Alchemist, either of them (despite finding that one DVD earlier… I’m just not in the mood for anime at the moment).

        Five worst cartoons… well, you know CKND is at the top of the list. I’m trying to decide whether I should list cartoons that were just terrible, or cartoons that were a huge disappointment on a personal level. The former feels too easy–just name five shows from Cartoon Network.

        As for anime, I already have three that I could name: Avenger (no relation to the Marvel comics), Vision of Escaflowne, and Record of Lodoss War OVA. I’ll have to get back on coming up with two more.

      • You have to admit that CN is doing better then Nick, though. Spongebob was good for 3 seasons and then it just became absolutely terrible. The kidcoms are kinda funny but mostly stupid.

        The Hub is doing well, though.

        I have to admit, I actually like the Pound Puppies remake.

        And airing 80’s/90’s shows at night is kinda cool.

    • Not sure. Having never seen the live-action movie I can’t agree with the comparison bits.

      Also, my liveblog isn’t dead. It’s just… on the backburner because its not a primary interest. To be honest, I was thinking of scrapping the liveblog in favor of a video overview, but that will only be once I’ve seen all of season one, so for now the liveblog stays where it is.

      • Whatever is cost efficient. A video overview might be good, though I’d disable the comments if I were you (the ATLA fanboys would attack).

        I’ve not got much to say about live action Japanese shows, though. Anything worth note of discussing?

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