Problems with Watchmen – Final Comic Book Ramble

One thing that occurs to me is that people might miss the message because they’re too distracted by Yoyo. That suits me just fine! Anyway yeah, this is a followup to this which is in turn a followup to this, and as I said I’m done talking about comics after this post.

In other news, yesterday I was at Goodwill and… well, I got lucky. Goodwill had the following:

(these are all PC games)
Star Wars: Dark Forces
Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight (plus an expansion pack)
Hexen II (plus an expansion pack)–this is one I wanted for awhile
Heretic II–I just grabbed this because it was there

They also had anime, both DVD and VHS, and some of their VHSes were subtitled editions. I didn’t buy any of the VHS tapes (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku OVA, first two volumes of Fushigi Yugi, and “Macross: Clash of the Bionoids” if you were curious) but I did buy a tape they had of VR Troopers… which, surprisingly, I still enjoyed.

I bought all three of the anime DVDs I saw though, which were:
Inuyasha Movie 4 – Fire on Mystic Island
Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1
D.N.Angel volume 1

All three were… fresh. The Inuyasha movie included a playing card, the FMA disc included a kinda-thick booklet, and none looked like they had been watched.

So much for my plans to save up for a Neo-Geo, eh? (I might still be able to do it…)

Anyway, enjoy the video, enjoy Yoyo’s cuteness, and I’ll go enjoy Hexen.

Oh, incidentally I also saw the movie “JAKQ vs Goranger” yesterday… its a team-up of the first ever Super Sentai teams (and apparently “movie” means something different in Japan as its less than 30 minutes long). It’s… so seventies, but worth watching just for how silly the villains look. I mean, look at them! Oh, and this is their leader. Ah, the seventies.


22 thoughts on “Problems with Watchmen – Final Comic Book Ramble

  1. Watchmen sounds like ‘art’… and by ‘art’ I mean pretentious.

    Honestly I don’t feel qualified enough to delve into comics. I never really got that into them because most of them are about superheroes and if you have read one superhero comic you have read them all… but maybe that’s making half your point.

    I mean you take something like Spiderman (which McFarlane worked on briefly) and compare it to something like Spawn which is supposed to be somehow darker, more mature, more complex and you see that they are basically the same. The differences being mostly sex and violence.

    But of course this opinion is poor because it is only based on the origins of the characters which are retold over and over and over again as I have not actually delved deep into the comics and seen how the stories develop down the road… if it does at all.

      • Haha

        Yeah that is pretty much what I imagined. The other day one of my daughters was reading a Spider-Girl comic (about Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s daughter) and when I flipped through it I was literally cringing. It was kind of like watching one of those movies that is so bad that you are able watch the whole thing laughing about how bad it is.

      • First off ew…

        It’s funny because they make those to appeal to girls (supposedly) but you know my daughters could care less about Spider-Girl, they can’t get enough of Venom, Morbius, and the Scorpion.

    • “Watchmen sounds like ‘art’… and by ‘art’ I mean pretentious.”

      Pretty much. There are so many attempts to be “artistic” that don’t enhance the story in any way, and only slow it down. Like whole chapters are devoted to a story about a ghost ship, which is just something some kid is reading in a comic, and every chapter ends with periphery materials about other superheroes who (usually) don’t have any bearing on the current story. I’ve heard people say this fleshes out the world or meets one literary convention or other, but really it seems like just useless padding.

      Half expecting some comic fan to rage in here and tell me how ignorant I am and how I’m some dumb anti-intellectual because I’m not overanalyzing a superhero comic.

    • Oh, by the way Geo, since I know you’re curious… from what I played of it, Heretic II is surprisingly good. It has some Tomb Raider platforming elements, but still has a lot in common with its FPS roots.

      • I actually played a demo of Hexen II not long ago, so I knew what to expect.

        Basically, Hexen II is to Quake, what the original Hexen was to Doom. So if you liked the first Hexen there’s not much to complain about.

        It’s hard playing PC games though, because YOYO LIKES TO SIT IN FRONT OF THE MONITOR.

  2. There’s a few good comics. They’re not Mark Twain quality or anything, but a few are a step closer to Stephen King. Not that I’ve read them yet. I just know they’re out there…

  3. One thing that people like to do these days is over-analyze everything. I go to TV Tropes, and I see some guy make a comment about how My Little Pony FiM is the story of the 7 sins…Its a little girls show that has no darker elements confirmed by creators (unless you consider the Apple parent thing) and actors.

    Sure, things like that can make for good fan fiction or amusing pointless banter, but there’s no way you can really treat that with a straight face. It happens in comics and Harry Potter, except the creators are doing it this time. Treating there work more serious then it should or could be.

    I’m getting tired of this whole “the internet killed my childhood” and other dumb memes and sayings, too.

  4. I love my X-Men comic books.
    Full of highs and lows, sometimes formulaic shit over and over, but at times just fun and engaging as a comic book should be.
    I also love Fethry Duck, but who cares about him? 98% of the people I talk to don’t even know who he is.
    I’m too old to discuss any more than this.

  5. I see.

    IMO, it’s probably one of the better attempts in western animation to truly try and tell an epic of sorts. It Even references Lone Wolf and Cub’s main character as the main inspiration for Jack to become a warrior, which I found rather clever.

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