Problems With the Video Game Industry

I don’t do the “reblogging” thing since that can confuse the issue of authorship, so I’ll just link:

This article was written by a friend of mine, and I think he makes a lot of good points. In fact, his blog in general is worth reading–he’s more politically-minded than I am but he makes lots of wise points.

In other news, I *had* recorded a third (and final) video about comic books, this one specifically talking about Watchmen, but I can’t post it today–I tried to but something went wrong in the uploading. I’ll have to upload it tomorrow.

I feel like I’m focusing too much on comics lately, so sometime later I wanted to start focusing on non-comic-book stuff that needs to be taken down a peg… or raised up a peg.

Here’s a brief list of subject matter I’ve considered:

for the “Needs to be taken down a peg” side:
– Miyazaki movies
– Cop shows
– House (the doctor)
– the Fantasy novel genre
– American morality
– American animation
– Tekkaman Blade, one of the worst anime I’ve ever seen.

For the “needs more love” category:
– Sentai shows
– classic PC gaming
– My cat, Yoyo
– the original, PSX version of Medal of Honor
– video game versions of Go
– Cardcaptor Sakura
– He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (the original, not the crap remake)
– the USA Network Street Fighter cartoon
– any anime I happen to have on hand.

… And I might accept requests, if the alignment of the stars allows it.


13 thoughts on “Problems With the Video Game Industry

  1. While i can see why the Street Fighter Cartoon needing more love, most people probably will still remember it for the more….questionable stuff in it.

    And the memes.

    Any particular problems with Tekkaman Blade do you have?

    If so, I’d say to Watch Karas and Cassher nSins to wash your mouth of Tekkaman Blades filth and watch the good Tatsunoko series they’ve made.

    I think CardCaptorSakura has a lot of love. I’d avoid Tsubasa and XXXHoloic though. Because what they do with the mainline CardCaptorSakura characters is so fucked up CLAMP themselves are confused.

    I’d put pretty cure under needs more love as well, but that would fit in an animated sentai section if there was to be one.

    • Aren’t Tsubasa and xxxHolic an alt. universe and not an actual continuation of Cardcaptor Sakura?

      My main issue with Tekkaman Blade was just that it eventually became Marvel Comics-level pointless angst.

      • To an extent, but the main villain is the brother of Clow Reed, Fei wong Reed. The twist using CCS Syaoran and Sakura in their relationship to Tsubasa Syaoran and Sakura (They are seperate entities) is so downright bizarre and disturbing that not even Fei Wong Reed himself can’t wrap his head around it, and he was the main villain.

        Well, Karas tends to balance it’s darkness with Some of the best animation values and fight scenes the studio has ever made.

        Casshern Sins might not be for you then, but it’s still light hearted compared to the live action Casshern movie (Which is saying a lot)

        I’d also try and find Red Line, if you can.

  2. My thoughts:

    -Miyazaki movies? Any of them in particular?
    -Cop shows? What, like CSI?
    -It’s always refreshing to see you tear American animation a new asshole.

    -Your cat is indeed a cute little thing deserving of love, but I’m not certain how you’d raise it up a peg.

    -Happy birthday, cureasura. Sorry I can’t give you anything.

    • Well, I especially hate Ponyo, although I find Miyazaki’s movies in general have a lot of bad reoccuring trends (really, the only one worth watching is Castle of Cagliostro).

      But I need to feature more of Yoyo to offset the negativity. Fortunately tomorrow’s comic book video will have some of her.

      • Any Particular trends?

        I’d probably say the Anti-Pollution aesops tend to be rather grating, though I can appreciate them for their gorgeous art and animation (Same for most Studio Ghibli films in general, not just Miyazaki’s stuff).

      • Largely my problem with Miyazaki movies is that his protagonists tend to never actually be CHALLENGED in any meaningful way. They just… have adventures, and then things resolve themselves.

        What does Sasuke have to do to prove he’s worthy of keeping Ponyo? Tell her mom that he likes her a lot.

        And what significant growth or change did Chihiro exhibit in Spirited Away? Did she at any moment show that she was being challenged? IIRC, everything just kind of fell into place for her. Even the scene where she was being chased by the blobby mask dude (the most intense scene in the entire film) just… kind of petered out.

  3. Hey, Miyazaki is…okay, I guess.

    I LOVE Howls Moving Castle.

    I distaste 50% of his work, but he’s what got me into anime years ago.

    Now, the gaming industry is actually influenced by Japanese market more then anything else.

    Just look at how RE4 made the west start shooting out third person shooters and cover systems out more.

    Look at how RTS have made RPG’s and games like Fallout more popular?

    There nothing like how comics avoid manga inspiration.

    • Kinda trying to figure out how RTS (Real-Time Strategy?) counts as the Japanese influencing western gaming. RTS was largely a western phenomenon.

      While its true that the Japanese are still the ones who keep both of gaming’s oars in the water, I can’t help but think of examples like Lost Planet, the new Ninja Gaiden, or the reboot of DMC–all three of which were specifically made for western audiences (I haven’t played any of them, so for all I know they may be good games, but still).

      Speaking of games, found a nice helping of good stuff at Goodwill today… will mention it in my next blog post.

    • CSI and Law and Order mostly.

      I enjoy the “mystery” aspects, but not the “over-the-top commentary on social issues” aspect.

      Not to mention, CSI makes forensics look like its magical and always accurate, when its actually something of a junk science. Penn and Teller’s Bullshit once did an episode about that.

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