My Weekend

So, all of you who had been waiting to hear from me these last three days… I was at a friend’s house all weekend.

It was awesome. The highlights were:

1. Getting him hooked on Hikaru no Go.
2. Going shopping and finding a used (and virtually untarnished) DVD of Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress for $3.99
3. Co-opping through Raiden II.
4. Talking for an hour or so about how Nazis are overused in video games… and then I wanted to play Medal of Honor.
5. Playing the best game of Dungeons & Dragons ever with his wife as the DM. Seriously, now that I’ve seen what its like in the hands of a not-shitty DM I suddenly like role-playing.

One plan that kind of got nipped in the bud was we had intended to marathon through the third season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Since he has neither cable/satellite nor home internet, he had never seen most episodes before. But we ran short on time and decided to skip right to the season finale, which I considered the only “must-see” since it’s a huge turning point in the series.

And, ummm… I recorded their reaction:


I was actually kinda scared. I thought I was gonna come back here and find tons of comic fans had spammed the “Why I Hate Comics” entry, and was pleased to find that there hadn’t actually been that much activity.

Yoyo missed me though. Poor kitty.

Anyway, back to gaming! (I hope…)


5 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. You know what I think is one of the more underrted game franchise (Which is a capcom one)

    Onimusha. It’s always been far more of a success in japan then in other countries.

    I liked it, And I find the 3rd and 4th installments to be among my favorite capcom games (Right up there with the likes of Devil May Cry, anything from Clover Studios like Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and God Hand, and Asura’s Wrath, my all time favorite capcom game).

    Say, ever thought of Trying Okami?

    • I mean to pick up both Okami and Onimusha sometime (almost did the latter back when I was heavily into samurai), its just lately I’ve been saving money for a Neo-Geo.

  2. Many thanks for an enlightening few minutes on the subject of comic books and graphic novels. As much more films are adapted from the comics and graphic novel formats, you would think that there could be higher appreciation for the medium. Sadly the public nonetheless sees superheroes as the only genre transported from comics and still dismiss the medium as kids stuff. By the way, I like the title, it got me here so it was successful.

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