ATLA Liveblog updated.

Yep, finally.

Seems like you can just hover your mouse over the “ATLA Liveblog Frontpage” thing to the left and it’ll present a list of chapters. If for some reason it doesn’t, well, here’s a direct link


18 thoughts on “ATLA Liveblog updated.

  1. On another note, I don’t think is that bad. I mean, there historical/scientific articles are usually right. If you think smartly and google search there facts, you can separate the fact from the fiction.

    Plus I like David Wong, John Cheese, and Robert Brockway, even if I disagree with a lot of the stuff they say. For the former, I’d say he’s rather naive, but still enjoy his articles.

    Its mainly nostalgia from when I went there in my early internet days.

    • From experience, most comic companies aren’t that different from the Big Two (DC and Marvel). Sure, they might not have retcons or continuity snarls, but the stories themselves still come off like they were written by life-hating, angry-at-the-world manchildren who are using the medium as a vent for their personal revenge fantasies. They aren’t something I want to read, don’t want my friends reading, don’t want my nieces or nephews reading, or really, anyone on the planet.

      (Want an example? in the first issue of the MLP:FIM comics, Chrysalis kills a kitten in front of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Seriously, that’s the kind of thing that should ONLY happen in fanfics, not in officially licensed stories that SHOULD have the goal of keeping children’s dreams alive)

      Oh, you want an obscure comic group? Try RAKGraphics 😉

  2. Unless it’s the Civil War Story arc. 😛

    I admittedly like Witchblade (Managing to get it’s own japanese anime by Studio Gonzo probably helps) though.

    And the FPS games based on The Darkness are good games in their own right.

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