Forgot to Mention…

The comments in my last “Recent Acquisitions” entry reminded me of a game I forgot to mention:

Hikaru no Go: Insei Chojyokesson for the PSOne. Yes, I picked up another Go game and this time its an anime tie-in. I like Hikaru no Go and all, but I won’t lie: I bought this so I could put stones in atari on my PSOne.

For those who need a primer on how to play Go, look at this link. After reading that, you can play a few rounds using the program on this page to get a feel for it.

As a game… well, this is better than the Go featured on Ultimate Board Games Collection certainly. There are two modes, one is the story mode. You do get to play some Go, but the story mode is really more like a visual novel, and I don’t know enough Japanese to really know what’s going on. The other is “Free Game” mode, where you just pick a character (at first you can only play vs. Hikaru, others are unlocked in the story mode) and start playing.

Both modes give you options, though I think Free Game gives you more. It has all the essentials covered: board size, comp difficulty, handicap stones… plus others I can’t read because yeah.

The players have personalities, and actually react to your moves or sometimes become really dramatic when making a move themselves. I can’t explain how hilarious this is, you just have to see this in action (I found a video, but unfortunately the person recording skipped through all the voiced bits… I’ll record my own and upload it later). The AI at default settings… well, it kicks my ass 2/3rds of the time.

What I really need, though, is human opponents.

Hey, wait… *smirks and casts a meaningful glance at you, the reader*


11 thoughts on “Forgot to Mention…

  1. Never played it, but heard of it a couple weeks back.

    Hmm, I’d be curious about what you think of Robot Chicken and The Simpsons.

    Well, here’s the reason I like them.


    1. It has subtle humor at times

    2. Good parody

    3. 80’s references that don’t make it look like the show doesn’t know what the show there parodying is

    I don’t like the grossout humor, and some of the skits are deplorable and sad instead of funny or amusing.

    The Simpsons:

    1. Characters, while usually stupid, are relatable

    2. References

    3. Development

    4. Humor you can relate to

  2. I have a guilty pleasure on TV -Cop shows. The plot usually makes no sense, the characters are pretentious and too edgy, and it acts too dark…yet I find them quite amusing. I have no idea why, and probably never will.

    Do you have anything you regret watching/playing but enjoy anyway? To me, that type of thing always seems like a great discussion starter.

    • re: Guilty Pleasures (Sorry, didn’t see this earlier for some reason)

      I used to really be into PBS cartoons, for some reason (Anne of Green Gables and Adventures From the Book of Virtues, particularly). Not so much these days.

      I would say Captain Planet and Scooby Doo, but to be honest these aren’t “guilty pleasures” the same way the PBS crap was. I mean, most of my friends and relatives KNOW I like those, whereas the PBS crap I kept a closely-guarded secret even from my best friends.

      MLP:FIM used to be a guilty pleasure, but of course now its a national phenomenon.

      I’m not sure I really have any “guilty pleasures” these days.

  3. I’d recommend Okami sometime. It’s pretty much the best Zelda game that isn’t actually a Zelda game IMO (Beyond Good and Evil is another one, though I haven’t played that).

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