ATLA Review started!

I’m sure Richard Carboxsin will be happy to hear this!

Preamble Page and the first episode review are up now! New episodes will be posted on a once-a-week basis.

And for those of you who don’t care about ATLA and just care about gaming, I also uploaded a video where I talk about my old gaming comp. It’s unlisted, so that link is the only way you can access it. Finally, see what my face looks like! Get a look at my adorable cat! Learn the wonders of pure MS-DOS! And watch me not even really play Wing Commander (a game I horribly suck at, by the way)!

It’s all in a days work FOR THE MAN!!!


11 thoughts on “ATLA Review started!

  1. 1. Ranma 1/2 is also a children’s cartoon, so I don’t get why you keep using that as a way to say “Oh, so that’s why its so inferior to anime”.

    2. Nitpicking isn’t the same as criticism.

    3. “”That’s not really the mindset for it” That’s how most people think about it, ergo it is for some

    4. Its the first episode, so of course the writers are going to use lots of exposistion. Plus, kids don’t always pay attention so they have to explain.

    5. I feel all in all that you compared the show to anime way to much. Of course, the fans do as well, but they never really say its better then anime.

    6. “07:23 – And, of course, the first thing Aang does is tries to hit on the girl who was standing over him. What a believable character!” I don’t remember that scene. Plus, considering a lot of anime does that sort of thing, I wouldn’t compare the show to anime too much.

    7. “13:36 – What is with them having to always say “its not magic, its bending!” For fuck’s sake, just let the kids think what they want!” I don’t remember that scene either. They only did that once, I believe.

    8. “The End Credit Music sucks” That’s where we disagree. How does it suck necessarily?

    9. “I was tempted to comment on this whole “tongue-on-a-pole” scene, but I realized now I’ve stuck too far into mean-spirited critic territory.” I don’t see how that’s inheretly childish, sense people do that in real life as a joke too. Plus, there’s really no reason to comment on that because you’ve already made you’re point that “I’m over analyzing a childrens cartoon” Plus, that point can be disregarded when you realize that some kid cartoons can actually be complex, like certain childrens anime.

    All in all, I think what could have made this review better was to stop comparing it to anime so much, and maybe lower down on the nitpicking. I think you’re trying to hard to be a caustic critic. You said at the end you liked the episode, but the direction you’re going with makes it look like you hate it.

    You also seem to mirror the fans in that they say “Oh, its not a kids cartoon” but that’s what you seem to think about anime, even though the majority of anime is meant for people under 17.

    Here’s hoping for the next review!

    • I still talk to a lot of my Troper buddies and sometimes read the Wiki too. The irony is, if I want to, say, get caught up on the history of the Battletech universe (to name something I did recently), they really are one of the few sites that makes that relatively painless.

      I just don’t bother discussing things on-site, or with the members I know to be loons.

  2. BTW
    “but Wikis are rather dry and make everything sound boring”

    That’s where we disagree. I like my info to be neutral and straight forward, no jokes or happiness required. I don’t see problems with wikis other then fact correction

    As for digital gaming-that depends on how the technology is in the future. Honestly, gaming is heading for more portable touch pad type things.

  3. Could you make a list of the biggest idiots you’ve seen on TV Tropes? That way I know to avoid them or something.

    I’ve already got one- MachineMan1992

    Not only did the guy get offended I sent him two personal messages, but then he got 2 posts thumped in the same thread for saying “fuck, stop sending me pms stalker” and getting into an argument with Nicknacks.

    • Talk about a question that’s just ASKING for there to be a huge backlash. But, its my blog and I’m willing to name names.

      Well, in alphabetical order (I’ll provide explanations on request):





      Some Guy

      … I’m probably forgetting quite a few people, but I’m also trying to only include the ones who really deserve it.

      [1] I personally never had a problem with Deboss, however I’m including him because of comments he made that are quoted in the following:

      • I really don’t know what to make of Deboss, to be honest.

        I mean, yeah, that line about how found Shakespeare’s work to be more unpleasant than Uwe Boll’s stuff made me start to raise my eyebrow, but then he elaborates, “Part of the unpleasantness comes from the idea that it’s impossible to dislike it, and the answer is greater exposure to Shakespeare”, and I can just about see where he’s coming from.

        And then he immediately shoots himself in the foot by saying that, given the power, he would make teaching Shakespeare a capital offense.

      • I can see disliking Shakespeare due to… (forgive me) Hype Backlash, but yeah–what really hurt is how Deboss comes off like he’s just saying “I don’t like them, therefore they have no value. They should teach X instead because I like that!”

        That’s a mentality most people have when they’re in their pre-teens. I would hope a college graduate would get over it.

      • Perhaps I’m just bitter over being forced to read Silas Marner and The Scarlet Letter in high school, but I actually do agree with quite a fair bit of what he says about Literature classes.

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