something I discovered recently

Just…. You know what? I’m not even gonna provide a preamble. Just click this link and have some fun. No, seriously, watch that.


15 thoughts on “something I discovered recently

  1. That…that skydiving…

    You know, I’m wondering if I should participate in the next gen. I mean, as you get older, you have to pay more bills and the consoles are getting MORE overly expensive.

    I’ll buy them once they get 250$.

    BTW, I’ll be signed in as a different user, you should recognize the username.

    • Is that other username “Richard Carboxsin” by any chance?

      Cuz someone tried to post under that name, but the post contained just… them saying their name. So I elected not to approve.

    • Okay.

      I think I’m becoming a Sentai fan. Bioman impressed me enough to want to watch more, then I looked for Zyuranger (the series which became the basis for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and it was awesome too. Dairanger though… seems kinda boring.

      There’s actually a webpage where you can direct download most of them (fansubbed). It’s but you have to register an account (its just like signing up for a forum).

    • Errr no. “Sentai” means Squadron, Task Force, Team etc. When used as a genre label, it basically refers to shows like the one I linked to in the blog article.

      It can also refer to any television or story that has similar plot setups or thematic elements, such as Sailor Moon or Voltron.

  2. Oh, so kind of like those animes like DBZ? Sounds better then Bleach πŸ™‚

    You know what I hate? Console wars. Why do people feel the need to act like there debating politics over an XBOX vs Playstation (Or as some call them, GAYBOX and GAYStation)? Why is the PC the greatest thing ever?

    When really, we’re all gamers feeding corparate companies no matter what console we have.

    • DBZ is not a Sentai, no. No color-coordinated teams πŸ˜‰

      “When really, we’re all gamers feeding corparate companies no matter what console we have.”

      Not me, I only buy used πŸ˜‰

      • Still, we’re all nerds killing time, laughing at George Lucas, we’ve all had our favorite/least favorite game.

        Why should we let this separate us? Why can’t we stop starting pointless flame wars because some idiot said “lol pc has battar graffix then gayxbox” which would be followed by “Go cry in a corner, PC tard”. Why can’t we just enjoy awesome hardware instead of comparing it all the time?

        Makes me want to destroy the YouTube comment section.

    • Well, why not destroy the Youtube comment section? Pick up a book on hacking and get to work!

      And when you’re done with that, kill TV Tropes, then Cracked.

      The quest to purify the Internet has begun!

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