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Would any of my readers be interested in seeing reviews/liveblogs of the Robotech novels by Jack McKinney? I just finished reading Sentinels #1 – The Devil’s Hand.

I considered doing an entry, but seeing as how the last time I reviewed a book got zero response, I’m a bit hesitant.


15 thoughts on “Interest check

    • BTW, have you checked out Joshscorcher/The Fiery Joker?

      I’d personally like you to review the book, it sounds interesting just from the title.

      What are your thoughts on the Animation Age Ghetto?

    • You’ve never heard of Robotech? Very well, I shall enlighten.

      Robotech is an epic saga, born when the enlightened mind of Carl Macek watched [i]Super Dimension Fortress Macross[/i], its sequel [i]Southern Cross[/i], and the unrelated [i]Genesis Climber Mospeada[/i], and realized “these should actually all be parts of the same story.”

      And then he got the licensing rights, brought it to America and called it Robotech. His revisions (which were actually quite minor, despite what the well of lies called The Internet might’ve told you) served to bring this epic myth into its perfect form.

      So successful was his endeavor, that an enlightened being named Jack McKinney approached him and said “Let me write novels of this magnificient masterwork!” In whole, Jack McKinney wrote 21 novels before joining the Invid Regess in glorious ascension (Carl Macek himself followed, just recently). These novels further perfected the epic mythology. Sadly, half of them are out of print, because the dark side of Protoculture wishes to suppress the human spirit.

      There were also comics, but who cares about them?

      Anyway, here’s a link to the first episode:

      There’s also an Official channel, but that’s hosting the “Remastered” version which was produced recently… Remastered is the same thing, but with scenes that were cut out for broadcast, placed back in and dubbed. That would be good, but they also redo episode titles and the opening logo with CGI that just looks out of place in a show from 1985.

    • Haven’t checked it out yet. Usually not a book guy, unless I have a pre-existing interest.

      I tend to think the “Animation Age Ghetto” is just an excuse for poor writers, personally.

      • Joshscorcher/The Fiery Joker is a youtubber, not a book!

        The animation age ghetto is something a writer will use as an excuse for “Never say die” and other narm.

        “The majority of cartoons are for children, therefore cartoons are for children as well!”

        Why do people have to assume kids stuff sucks, anyway? Plenty of adult stuff is just as childish as watching ”Dora”.

        Honestly, as soon as someone makes a western animation war-type film with realistic emotions, that’s when the ghetto is broken for most people. I’d hope.

    • Nope.

      re: Animation Age Ghetto

      See, I agree with you re: “A lot of adult stuff is just as childish.” In fact I’m not even sure there IS a distinction between “for adults” and “for kids” outside of an entirely artificial one.

      The problem isn’t the “ghetto,” the problem is our culture. Western culture (and America in particular) have a huge entitlement complex. They think they have the right to banish anything that makes them feel anything other than empty elation. And especially anything that might make them question their preconceptions about life.

      Lately I’ve been watching Cardcaptor Sakura, and its an anime that features a girl whose best friend has a crush on her, whose best friends MOM has a crush on her, who herself has a crush on an older boy whose attitude towards her might come off as flirtatious, and develops a rivalry with another boy who is in love with the same older boy she is. The social issues are never once commented on–its just a fact that they feel this way, and its played entirely as a perfectly innocent thing.

      Name me one TV station in America that would allow that. And yet in the rest of the world, its a perfectly harmless children’s show. That says something, I think, about how stuck-up and messed up our culture is. And its something I think about whenever Tropers or IJBM or whatever other group goes on about how America is the only country with both oars in the water. In my mind, America is more like a group of guys who just discovered how to build a horse-drawn carriage, and they look over and see that the rest of the world has Jetsons-esque flying cars. But instead of saying “Teach us how to build that!” They declare that the rest of the world is doing it wrong and their own backwards ways are somehow superior.

      That’s enough ranting for now.

      • You see, its childish when it tries to hard to appeal to adults.

        But you know, Australia and England have just as many restrictions. Look it up on how they censor windows breaking and “imitateable behavior”. Its not just an American thing.

        There is a distinction, a dumb plot that offers no entertainment and relies on sex jokes is more childish then one that simply tries to be appealing and interesting.

        Its very subjective, and generally there’s a much bigger problem then censorship.

      • There is no strict definition of “childish”, aside from appealing to children more then adults.

        What country do you live in? Many other countries have similar practices.

        And adult swim would probably allow that show on there channel.

  1. There are things for adults and there are things for children. Its not just America, or western culture in general, that is effected by it.

    The whole world has the ghetto in one way or another.

    • Just sayin: Don’t pressure me for a reply. If I don’t reply, then either A) I’m not online or for some reason haven’t seen the post or B) I have nothing to say… yet. I often read a post, then take my time about responding. That way I’m not quite as knee-jerk as I could be.

      Yes, “Adult Swim” could play that. See though, that’s part of the problem. Why should a show clearly aimed at the young be forced to play on ADULT Swim? I feel like that’s one reason Detective Conan didn’t become the mega-franchise it had every right to be.

      And yes, I’m aware that England and Australia are similar and in some ways worse. They have similar cultural backgrounds to America though, so that’s not that surprising. Still, I’ve seen England allow almost anime-levels of maturity in their productions ([i]Dogtanian and the Muskehounds[/i], for example).

      Western culture in general mystifies me. We have all these values that seem good on the surface, but are actually self-destructive or else absolutely pointless. Anti-drug propoganda, for example. You’d think it would be better to just let people take whatever they want, but no, we regulate everything, to the point where doctors prescribe aspirin to car crash victims when they really need oxycontin, because they’re afraid of causing addictions. Just… WHY?

      • Sorry, I tend to pester people. Which isn’t good.

        But yes, our culture is focused on so much safety and such we ignore common sense.

    • Yeah, that’s my reason for my anti-Western Culture stance in a nutshell. Our values make no sense and are often harmful.

      *Sigh* Well, hopefully China will conquer us soon.

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