Dunno if I’ll manage an entry this week, guys. Having one of those periods where I have a low tolerance for frustration so gaming isn’t too good for me right now.

I might liveblog a few episodes of Batman Beyond instead. Still considering.


11 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. I’ve experienced some of this, watching some Animal Planet usually helped (for some reason).

    Got to say, I really dislike new episodes of Family Guy. They rely on swearing, sex jokes, racism, and vulgarity in some attempt to appeal to an adult audience. It gets old…

  2. Nothing to do with the topic at hand but…

    TV Tropes is criticized for having “anime porn” at every corner, but I’ve never noticed. The tropes themselves aren’t meant to be taken seriously, there just there to be somewhat informative and interesting. People need to understand that the site isn’t there for “the building blocks of writing” and is there for wasting time and being on forums. Of course, the only real problem are some YMMV pages and a couple idiots here and there. Yes, its obsessive list making, but that’s what its meant to be.

    End of pointless rant 🙂

    • What always weirded me out was TV Tropes gave me the strong impression of being AGAINST anime. Then again I normally stayed on the Western Animation and Video Games boards.

      Yeah, this is a filler entry, so its okay to talk about pointless stuff here 😉

      • Which is why I facepalm when someone says “Dude, they have a page on Fetish Fuel for crying out loud!” that’s normally when I dismiss there “criticism”.

        A better criticism would be “Are tropes useful? Are they worthless? This is confusing, the site KEEPS CONTRADICTING ITSELF!”

        Which is why I suggest them seeing the “Tropes are Tools” page. I’d like to add something, but trying to get it unlocked would be a waste of time considering management on the site likes things to stay how they are.

        When people say “no negative criticism” is on the site, they clearly haven’t been to the forums, or seen a review on something “overrated”.

        Those are the main complaints I see, and there relatively easy to take apart.

        Heck, even if the site doesn’t teach you how to write a good story (therefore making the info worthless, which I’ll get to in a second), it DOES encourage some good vocabulary and its interesting to know the plot devices.

        When people say the info is worthless, they should understand that the site isn’t trying to teach them anything and is list making examples as a sort of “trivial knowledge”. Plus, tropes are tools. Like 2×4 boards. You’ll use them in your story inevitably, but there not good or bad until you use them. And “trope” covers a wide variety of terms. Cliches, characterization, settings, commonly used plot points etc.

        And honestly, some of these people ”don’t” have all the wonderful “writing criticism” they believe they do.

        I usually hang around the forums, and have been using the main wiki slightly less for some reason.

    • Just wanted to point out:

      a 2×4 is not a tool. A building material. A hammer is a tool.

      Actually, if you want to see criticism of Tropes that isn’t completely lame, here’s some links: has a kind of pseudo-intellectualist thing going on, but they generally know what they’re talking about and make clever points.

      These guys are more of a “just point and laugh” variety, and I’ve heard they sometimes fudge facts to make a point, but they still make a solid case IMO.

      Unlike the others, this guy calls out the Trope community, rather than the page itself, and points out that Trope culture has anti-intellectualist leanings.

      There’s also Something Awful, but I won’t bother linking to them.

      • I don’t need to see criticism of the site, I already have some of my own.

        That Jasper guy seems pretty cool, though. I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars (Like the movies).

        Yes, there are a lot of idiots there. But everynow and then, you’ll see something clever.

        Still, the review section is full of idiots.

        I believe that’s what happens when you put a bunch of nerds in one place, give them the power to express there opinions in the bluntest way possible, and even allow there opinions to seep through the Trope pages.

    • If I were a moderator at TV Tropes? Eh, probably not. Anything I do would be undone by Fast Eddie.

      If I somehow replaced Fast Eddie though… I’d probably shut the site down, in all honesty.

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