Super Bomberman (SNES)

This entry is gonna be a little bit different. My video isn’t gonna show the entire game–instead it’s just the last regular level, the final boss, and finally the ending.

I had a lot of problems uploading a game this week. I actually wanted to do Animaniacs for the SNES, but Handbrake won’t rip my footage of that one for some reason–but it’ll do every other game on the same DVD.

So this week’s game is Super Bomberman. I actually plugged this in just to relax and take a break from the super-hard arcade games I had been tackling, and especially because this game made less demands of me–I was having trouble with my eyes at the time and that made fast-paced games like Thunder Force far more difficult than they really ought to have been.

I still made some boneheaded mistakes here and there (indeed, this very video shows a moment where I suffered a very-much-avoidable death) and wasn’t thinking straight, but for all that I managed to get far. I only used one continue (shown in the video), and that was in the next-to-last level.

Super Bomberman itself is something of a nostalgic classic for me, and my favorite game in the Bomberman franchise (Although, I have not played the vast majority of them). There’s not much to the game–you run around, you blow shit up, you go to the next level and you blow more shit up, and after awhile there’s a boss fight–but compared to the NES games (And the first TG16 one), Super Bomberman has more graphical variety, better music (especially that boss battle tune), and some much-needed tweaks to the formula (such as being able to find more than one powerup per level).

The storyline of this one is that there’s these two evil guys named Dr. Mukk and Mr. Black (I think) who have teamed up to take over Diamond City, where the Bombermen live. Personally I wouldn’t want to get in conflict with people who crap bombs out of their butts, but okay…

Most people don’t play Bomberman for its single-player campaign. It’s all about the multiplayer. But at least for this one, the single-player campaign is actually kinda fun (not like the NES ones, where you’ll go “Oh god please END!”)

One funny thing I’d like to note. In the manual, it says “If you’re playing battle mode and constantly getting creamed, you’re probably playing against a 12-year-old. Don’t. They’re notoriously harsh on new players.” Not that funny, but I appreciate documentation with a sense of humor.

So anyway, here’s the video. I actually started recording at Level 4-6, but due to how much hassle it is to upload multiple videos, I decided to just show the final level, final boss and the ending.

Besides, this way you get to hear that awesome boss music faster. (Hope you can hear it over the explosions!)


9 thoughts on “Super Bomberman (SNES)

  1. Speaking of video games, I’m not in the target audience due to me not playing them as much as I did as a kid. I’ll play games, but normally only if they get good reviews. I don’t want to waste my time on a crappy one, I got a family and taxes to pay.

    I’m still a gamer, I just don’t play them for 40 hours and have higher standards. You the same?

    • I gravitate. Sometimes I’m picky, most times I’m not.

      My pickiness tends to work in what I call “kicks.” A few months back, Fighting games were all I played or talked about, so I exclusively focused on those… now its shmups for the most part, except for little divergences like this one.

      Right now, I’m being extremely picky about buying new games, although mostly because the games I want are expensive and because I’m saving up for an arcade motherboard of my favorite arcade game… which will be featured on this blog eventually.

  2. I think the website with the most idiots is Youtube. The comment section is full of people who could care less about grammar, their always aiming to get people to upvote them (People do, unfortunately), they attract the attention of fanboys at every turn, and some don’t even know how to use the freakin inbox. They always block out the sane, smart people.

    A lot of the videos are just dissing channels and ripping each-other off. Its pathetic.

    Speaking of youtube, have you seen the channel I recommended, Joshscorcher?

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