update on request (follow up to Western Animation post)

Figured I’d answer some questions that a recent commenter had. Because why not? πŸ˜‰

First, MLP:Friendship is Magic… well, despite the things that happened, I still consider Season Two the weakest season. Three was kind of a step-up all around, with the only real clunkers being “One Bad Apple” and the terrible mishandling of what should’ve been the biggest event in the whole series.

When I first saw “Magical Mystery Cure” (the season three finale, for those of you who came here from the shmups forum and don’t give a damn about ponies), I felt kind of weird about it. I didn’t like it nor hate it. Now my mind has settled… I like the songs, but I don’t like the episode as a whole, pretty much because to me it spells bad things for the show’s future. I’m not gonna lie–the episode as a whole felt like it was basically a long commercial. I mean yes, the show exists mainly to raise awareness of the toys, but there are ways to do that which don’t amount to blatant shilling.

The thing that bothers me most though is that I feel like Season Four is going to either A) take away the wings, or else B) pretend the wings aren’t there, and have life being lived as normal. Both of which would break my suspension of disbelief and probably turn me away for good. It would be like if there was an episode of He-Man where Prince Adam revealed his double-identity and nothing major came of it. On the flip side though, if MLP totally runs with the wings and honestly takes the show in a new direction, then I might actually like it.

T4eight also asked what I thought of Korra – I haven’t watched it.

Do I play stealth games? I love Metal Gear Solid especially the first two (Sons of Liberty is one of my favorite games of all time, screw the haters). I tried to play Splinter Cell and Thief: the Dark Project but couldn’t get into them. Also, Penumbra is basically a stealth game and I love it to deathy death.

My favorite internet reviewer? The Happy Video Game Nerd Here’s his channel on Blip.


The only issue I have with him is he rarely updates. Also, don’t be fooled by the “happy” in his name–outside of his reviews of Metal Storm, Mega Man 9 and a few other early ones, he’s rarely just mindless gushing. In fact he’s had three that come off as critical, although he avoids the trends that annoy me with other critics.

I mostly don’t like “Angry” reviewers anymore, mostly because their complaints tend to be petty, or else based on falsehoods or incomplete information. It always annoys me when I see a review for a game I like (Yeah, I know how that sounds) and the reviewer says things I know for a fact are wrong. Other times, it seems like they’re just saying “it sucks because its hard!” And that shtick gets tired after awhile. I will admit that The one and only AVGN himself is entertaining, but these days usually for his skits.

Now, onto recent stuffity stuff!

Yesterday I went shopping and got a truckload (by my standards) of things to do.

I picked up a new game, Twin Cobra for the Sega Genesis, which I found at a Goodwill-like store for $1. It came with the cartridge and the case. No manual. Also recently got a Sega CD game called Revenge of the Ninja, which is likely to be the subject of a post here in a few weeks.

Anyway, I then went to a local Gamexchange and didn’t buy any games, but did find several cheap anime. I decided to take a chance on the following:

* Detonator Orgun
* Fake
* Dominion Tank Police
* Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (for only $5. Take that, Amazon marketplace price-jackers!)
* Tokyo Revelation (actually a Megami Tensei anime)
* Roujin Z

And finally, the first two volumes of Cardcaptor Sakura. This was the first thing I watched when I got home, and… I’m really sad I didn’t see this back when it was still relevant, because it’s adorable. It’s like Sailor Moon, except Sakura is basically responsible for all her own problems (unless there’s gonna be a shocking twist later in the series. I like to fly without spoilers).

I did notice, though, that the manga had been reprinted in four Omnibus volumes–these collect the entire series. In general, Manga is usually cheaper than anime, which at times makes me wonder why I always favor the animated forms of the stuff I like. Would be so much cheaper to just read it. But, eh.

I haven’t watched the other anime except for Tokyo Revelation yet. It was decent, and I imagine a more hardcore SMT fan would’ve loved it. These days, I have trouble enjoying RPGs of any stripe and prefer more fast-paced games, so I haven’t really been able to get into SMT in any of its forms.

Anyway, the next games I’m likely to post about are either Super Bomberman or else Animaniacs for the SNES. I’ll see you there!


33 thoughts on “update on request (follow up to Western Animation post)

  1. I didn’t even know the third season was over, so that’s a surprise.

    I also recommend ”Dishonored”, its somewhat similar to Metal Gear, even the whole choking from behind. There’s also Assassins Creed, but its not really stealthy.

    Anyway, thanks for making this πŸ™‚

    BTW, if you ever answer questions from commentors, I’d like to know if you have a cat. You seem to have mentioned one at some point. Also, what made you stop editing TV Tropes?

    • Oh yes, I have a cat, and she’s the most adorable little fuzzball ever! Wanna see?

      Well, I stopped *going* to TV Tropes because I was tired of how they always read too much into things, see meanings that aren’t actually there, and draw connections that don’t or shouldn’t exist. I mean in conversation, though they do that in the main wiki as well.

      These days, I read the articles but don’t actually contribute to the Wiki, because I feel like whatever changes I make will just be reversed or undone by someone else. I’ve seen way too many times where that’s happened. Also, some of the new rules and categories are ridiculous now. Like some things are considered “YMMV” that really shouldn’t be, such as “Germans Love David Hasselhoff.”

      Keep in mind the most recent game consoles I have are a PS2, Gamecube and a PSP. I meant to get an X-Box 360 once, but I just don’t know if its worth it, and money is a constant issue.

      • You can buy a used Xbox, but I’d recommend PS3 simply because it has more titles stuck to it.

        I can’t really argue with the TV Tropes response, sense the whole site is prideful on the fact that the people (me) who come there often have too much time on their hands. I spend only 2 hours on the site, so its not really ruining my life.

        Plus, I hate that they took out the Real Life nightmarefuel section, that didn’t need to be taken down. I also think that some of my fellow tropers have a bad taste in fan fiction and are trying to make the simplest of fiction into something more complex then LOTR.

    • Outside of the two I named, most season three episodes felt “good, but not better than any other cartoon on television” to me.

      If anything, some of the anti-Season 3 complaints I’ve read on the internet feel like they’re too critical and overanalyzing, considering its a children’s cartoon. Like I saw one complaint where someone complained that “Games Ponies Play” had a predictable and cliche premise… the show has had predictable and cliche plots since day one, so I’m not sure why it would be a problem now.

      I especially don’t get people who complain about Sombra. It’s like they’re saying that screen time = threat level, and somehow didn’t notice poor Cadence had gone without sleep to maintain a force field.

      • That’s because the people who complain about and over analyze is because their used to more mature and complex shows. They don’t realized they got carried into two demographics. I watched ”American Horror Story” and then I watched an episode of Regular Show. I started over analyzing.

      • I’ll give Sombra credit, he didn’t lose because he screwed up like Discord and Chrysalis.

        The Season opener and ending episodes haven’t been that great though. I’ll put above TCE above the others if only because Sombra was the least incompetent among all the season opener and ending antagonists and Cadance.

      • But you see, childrens cartoons can have complicated, interesting, unique plots too.

        However, MLP, can’t. It can occasionally, but not very well.

  2. I’m glad Lauren Faust doesn’t control the show.

    What she wanted was a G1 repeat, Screw that. The sword and sorceryesque/videogameish episodes aren’t that great. Especially when this show has better ones like Green Isn’t Your Color.

    Stick to ponies doing stuff like fashion instead of episodes like the one with Sombra.

    • I’m not sure how I feel about Faust particularly, but one thing I did notice is that the characters felt a little less nuanced once she left.

      My favorite, Twilight Sparkle, went from being a good-natured but insecure, awkward nerd, to being “that girl who always has over-the-top freakouts whenever even the minorest thing happens.” All the Flanderization is part of what makes me consider season one the best.

  3. BTW, what do you think of the Nostalgia Critic?

    Also: Could you make a review of sorts on A:TLA? You talked about it in the other western animation blog, but I think you could narrow out the pros and cons of the show.

    • To answer all your comments at once…

      re Nostalgia Critic: He’s hit and miss. Some of his reviews are REALLY REALLY hilarious (“sparkle sparkle sparkle!”) others are just groan-inducing. I tend to feel he’s at his best when he sticks to children’s movies… and Stephen King films.

      He’s pretty much the only TGWTG reviewer I like, however. Spoony seems fine but I don’t want to sit through reviews that are almost as long as an actual movie. The Chick had two or three hits and a LOT of misses. Linkara annoys me and his voice literally gives me headache (seriously, guy needs to learn a skill called “indoor voice”) and Bennett the Sage… Ugh.

      re Reviewing ATLA: I only review things I actually own on DVD. I saw ATLA through a library rental but don’t actually own any volumes personally. For me its a “I’ll pick it up if I find it for a low price” thing.

      There is a store locally that has Book 2 for $10, although I’m not sure if I should start a review (which would take the form of a liveblog essentially) in the middle of the series.

      And the thing with TV Tropes is that the debates are often stupid, and 99% of the time only happen because some moron is illiterate or only skimmed a post. So you get instances where you say something perfectly straightforward like “The sun rises every morning” and they think you said “the sun is a big orange ball of cheese” and a debate ensues. And when its not that, it’s taking a simple stance out of proportion. “I shouldn’t have to unlock a game that’s advertised on the back of the box” gets twisted into “you don’t like unlockables in any context whatsoever.” Stuff like that.

      It happens on other forums, but it was almost a daily occurence on the Tropes.

      • Luckily, the video game forum seems to be void of idiots, at least for me. What forum were you on? Maybe I just don’t notice BS posts, but I find the debates nice. They usually make sense and are interesting, I’ve only come across two dumb ones.

        There’s also AngryJoe on TGWTG, and he reviews good games too. Might not like him sense he only reviews modern games, though. He has a youtube account (I also recommend PMRants, and he’s practically on his own).

        For A:TLA- that’s the season most people are familiar with. Go with it, I guess.

        Also: What do you think of the most recent The Avengers film? Christopher Nolans batman films?


      • That’s nice, ending with “for”.

        I also recommend The Fiery Joker/Joshscorcher, his videos are funny. He does over analyze on MLP a few times though.

    • Near the end of my days on TV Tropes I mostly confined myself to Western Animation. Which probably explains a lot.

      Didn’t really like Nolan’s Batman (although, must admit its been awhile since I saw TDK–i saw BB more recently), and haven’t seen Avengers. I did see The Green Lantern recently and actually liked it. I don’t understand the hate it gets.

      A lot of my issues with Nolan are his directing style. I don’t like his attempts to be artsy by jump-cutting everywhere or trying to play with the timeline. Just tell the story. That, and I also think his attempts at serious social/political commentary were childish and mishandled (seriously, any time the term “social experiment” is used in a non-humorous context, its time to rewrite the script).

      I’ll consider doing ATLA sometime, but it will largely depend on if I find the first season cheap. I don’t want to start liveblogging in the middle.

      I was considering maybe doing Batman Beyond though–I have all three seasons of that (in a nutshell, I like the first season but not so much the second)

      • That’s the thing about superhero movies- if your going to make them dark, at least make sure there characters and setting fits well.

    • Definitely share that sentiment (re: Superhero movies). Sadly most critics don’t get it… when I read reviews of The Green Lantern, it seemed like they went in expecting it to be all edgy like TDK, and then it was a more classic-style adventure. Critics just don’t know nuthin’ -__-

      Although, I tend to think Hollywood mishandles “dark” in general. They like to go through the motions but never follow through with any content that truly counts as edgy or dark or deep… except possibly to people who have nothing to use as a basis for comparison.

      • Like adding swear words in a kids movie, it isn’t funny in TMNT, but its funny on South Park.

        I also dislike TV Tropes page picture for “Darker and Edgier”. That was funny, a better picture would have been a comparison.

        I also couldn’t take TDK seriously because Batmans costume looked awkward. It would have been better if they made their own spin on it.

  4. Batman may be “dark” but saying he or his franchise is “realistic” is what worthy.

    He’s a man in a batsuit who is also somehow a multi billionare master fighter genius who can beat the fucking Superman ’cause he planned it at while not being older than his early 30s at most.

    • Realistic? Making Batman realistic wouldn’t make him possible. He’d have a better job paying to execute those criminals then go out and give them a bloody nose.

      Plus, plenty of people in their 30’s know how to plan. And plenty of rich people are at least slightly above average intelligence.

      • Don’t you hate how WordPress doesn’t allow deep-threading in comments?

        My response to your comment about TV Tropes should be at the bottom of the comments list.

    • *Wonders how we got to talking about realism in Batman*

      But you know, I could actually see a “realistic” version of Batman. Only it would star Charles Bronson and be called “Death Wish.”

      • About TV Tropes:

        Their not about making a story, their about what is used in a story. No story is tropeless, there’s even a page about that. The site even says that Tropes aren’t good for setting up a story, they’re just going to be in it. So anyone who wants story themes to be all over the place is going to be disappointed.

        I also enjoy YMMV, don’t know why people hate it. I came across the site late 2011, though.

  5. See dude, that’s not why I hate TV Tropes.

    I hate them because you can’t talk to them the same way you can talk to normal people. They get confused easily. 99% of the arguments that happen there are entirely because of stupid, pointless misunderstandings.

    I don’t mind a good fight sometimes, but not when the only reason we’re fighting is because I said “the sun is hot” and the dumbass on the other end thought I said “the sun is a gorgeous babe.”

    • Maybe they were being sarcastic? You’d have to be really dumb to actually post that like you thought the sun was “a gorgeous babe”. Plus when there’s nothing else to talk about the thread devolves into random humor (plants are evil!)

      That’s the thing, on the internet you can’t hear what they sound like. If their snarky, they’d have to tell you that they were being snarky, and on TV Tropes, subtlety seems to be the norm.

      • That was just a metaphor. Here’s an actual example.

        Just two nights ago one of the few Tropers I still talk to told me NC uploaded a review of Son of the Mask. I said I didn’t feel like watching it, and he said “Why? You know its bad, because the NC is reviewing it.”

        So I replied saying “I could contest that statement, but this time, I won’t.”

        Now, that confused him–he thought I was saying Son of the Mask was a good movie and I didn’t want to see it get bashed. I explained to him that I’d never seen Son of the Mask, it sounds stupid, but that what I MEANT was that just because NC says something is bad doesn’t mean it is.

        Follow me so far?

        Okay… so dude goes on to get stressed as all fuck. He says I’m “confusing” him, and that if I think the movie sounds stupid then I have no reason to disagree with the NC. I explained to him–twice at least–that I only disagreed with the underlying assumption that “everything NC reviews is bad,” pointing out that he’s reviewed some things that aren’t actually terrible. No matter how much clarified though, this dude just kept getting confused, until finally we had to just agree to stop discussing it.

        THAT is the kind of thing I don’t like. This discussion would NOT have happened if I were talking to a grown man from Digitpress or the Shmups forum. Those people understand basic English. But a Troper can get confused and get into a stupid argument over any dumbass little thing.

        (No offense to you–I just mean, this is my experience with the community in general and why I vacated it).

      • Huh, I’ve had similar experiences.

        Luckily, they are at the very least people who are able to read on a 5th grade level.

        I’ve encountered more idiots in the “Reviews” section of a page. Not because I disagree with them, but because someone starts a completely idiotic flame war that spans 80 comments and only gets more pathetic as it goes on (How does gangster rap figure into a review of Bleach?).

        Have any experiences on that?

      • I don’t really read the reviews, so I can’t say I’ve had those kinds of run-ins. Doesn’t surprise me though.

        Another thing I’ve noticed recently is that a lot of people who contribute to the articles seem to not even know much about the things they’re writing about. Case in point, the “Animaniacs” page(s) repeatedly say Brain’s plans fail due to Pinky’s interference. I don’t even like Animaniacs and I know that this is completely wrong–Brain’s plans usually fail because Brain himself is too smart by half. There was even an episode that commented on that.

        Just sayin’, it’s sad when a guy who hates the show, knows it better than its supposed fans.

      • Maybe they made different assumptions and haven’t looked back on it as a kid.

        Also, it gets incredibly annoying when people tease the site for its “Fetish Fuel” page even though a lot of tropers have requested the picture be taken down. Some have even asked for the page to be deleted.

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