Aladdin, the Anime version

Since I’ve been absolutely terrible about updating (for some reason I’ve been sucking at games lately), I decided I’d reward readers for their patience by sharing a personal treasure.

What you’re about to see is something my parents recorded for me off of TV when I was like three or so. It’s an English dubbed, anime version of Aladdin. I don’t know its proper name (I think its “Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp” or somesuch thing) so I’ve always called it Anime Aladdin. From what I’ve been able to discover, this was a part of a series of annual television specials by Toei which were all adaptations of classic literature or fairy tales. It was made in 1982.

As far as I know, it is currently not licensed nor available on DVD outside of Japan, so I’m uploading it here. If I ever receive word of an official, licensed release, the links will be removed and the video taken down. So, here’s the links:

PART 1 –
PART 2 –
PART 3 –
PART 4 –
PART 5 –

The obvious thing to do, I guess, would be to compare it to the Disney version, but I can’t. The Anime Aladdin follows the original story from the Thousand and One Nights, whereas Disney’s version is really more like Prince of Persia with a genie thrown in. So they’re apples and oranges.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this one-hour TV special. Partly its childhood nostalgia, and partly its because I always liked the story of Aladdin, the ultimate rags-to-riches tale. You watch it, and you’re like “wouldn’t it be cool if you found a genie who would do whatever you asked?” This anime version of the story also has a wonderful imagination going for it. Despite being by Toei (and therefore, done on a budget) it has awesome sequences like Aladdin’s journey through the cave, and the wizard’s tower at the end–a place that just completely throws logic to the wind.

Also, I always dug the ending credits instrumental, “Angel’s Flight”–which to my surprise, I’ve actually heard on the radio a few times (and it can be found on Youtube)!

Yes, there is some embarrassing dub dialogue and the characters are kind of flat, but overall, its a fun fairy tale, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


11 thoughts on “Aladdin, the Anime version

    • BTW, I think you could post more about TV Tropes. Not if you don’t want to, but I think you could focus on the positive aspects before it changed into what it is now.

      • Sorry I’m typing so many comments like a freaking maniac, but I just couldn’t resist. Could you do an update that describes your stance on MLP, youtube vids, video games? I wish these comments had an edit button…

    • Sure was, but in this case I think Disney owes inspiration to Jordan Mechner. If you removed the Genie and changed the main character’s name then it wouldn’t really be a take on the Aladdin story at all!

      BTW about your request–I understand wanting to know my feelings about MLP, but what is it aboout youtube videos and video games you specifically want me to comment on?

      • Do you think MLP can improve, (also, what are your thoughts on Legend of Korra?). I don’t know about the youtube one, do you like the Angry Video Game Nerd (these questions are really random!)? Do play any popular stealth games?

        Your blogs deserve more attention, IMO.

      • Sorry for mistypes, I was typing really fast.

        By the way, TV Tropes has gotten somewhat better. There’s still the forums. Not all tropers are immature jerks, in fact the site normally doesn’t take itself seriously. If you ever want to come back, I’m T448Eight.

  1. Oh man, thank you so much for posting this. I used to watch it with my brothers all the time as kids. I’ve Googled periodically hoping someone would post it. Personally, I think it holds up. The mysterious wizard sequence at the beginning sets a great tone, and there’s obviously a lot of imagination here.

    At the time, I had no idea there was this thing called “anime”. I just thought it was a strange style of animation. But in hindsight, it seems obvious if you look at the names of the creators, and the obviously Japanese-inspired character designs.

  2. I’ve been searching for this for so long. We had this on VHS when I was younger, my parents definitely didn’t record it off the TV though so I’m not sure where that VHS came from.
    It never struck me as an anime as a child, only last night while I was watching the Castle of Cagliostro did I realise that it was similar in style (Most of the anime I watch now is typical shonen stuff, the style is considerably different) so I looked up something like “Aladdin and his magic lamp anime” and Toei came up, looked up “Aladdin Toei”, lo and behold, you’d posted it onto Youtube!
    Besides that I thought I’d comment just to say that I’m really loving this blog, you seem to like the same things I do, and I like the tone, I’ll be sure to keep up with it!

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