what i’ve been up to

Bet ya’ll thought I disappeared again, huh?

I’ve decided I’m gonna try to make an entry once per week, even if it has to be a “filler” entry.

So, games I’m currently tackling:

Animaniacs for SNES – Technically beaten it, but the game also has an element where you get a different ending depending on how many pages of a script you find, and I’m gonna see how many of them I can track down. For a licensed game for kids though, its pretty tough, so I might have to settle for getting the second or third-best ending.

Thunder Force V for the PSOne – The furthest I’ve gotten is stage five on normal mode (I haven’t touched Training at all–maybe I should). Polygonal shooters give me problems because I can’t always tell what’s just ornamentation and what’s actually a threat, but I imagine if I keep trying I’ll get over it. I’m also tackling the three Sega Genesis installments.

Grandia II for Dreamcast – Beat it a month ago, just figuring out how I should do the entry (playing it again to record footage and then uploading it to Youtube, like I did for Contra and Dragon Spirit, would be redonkulous for a 30-hour-long RPG). Hopefully I’ll have it figured out by next week.

Siren on PS2 – I really loved this game at first, but now some of the game design issues are starting to bother me. If I make an entry about it I’ll go into more detail there.

Also, recently I unexpectedly found a DVD box set at Walgreens–Defenders of the Earth: The Complete Series, Volume One. The surprising thing is that this is the BCI release from 2006 or so (which has been long out-of-print), so why does Walgreens have it brand-new? Nowadays, there’s a set by Mill Creek that is all 65 episodes in one go, but I think it lacks special features (The usual tradeoff with Mill Creek). On the upside, its a decent cartoon so far, but not anything atypical for the 1980s. Might consider a liveblog soon.

Just lettin’ ya’ll know I’m not dead. Yet.

See ya next week hopefully.


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