My New Year’s Resolution

Greetings, readers.

My name is Edmond Dantes (EDM for short). I’m a long-time game collector who recently has decided he has too many games. So this year, I’ve decided I’m going to curb my collecting and instead focus on clearing my plate.

That means I’m going to beat every game I own, and use this blog to record my doing so. This is not a review blog–reviews are objective, regular and formal, while this blog will be subjective and highly personal. My primary goal is to use this blog as a “checklist” of sorts, passing opinions is completely secondary.

I hold myself to one rule: “Beating a game doesn’t count unless I have pictures, or video.” So all these games are recorded and I post footage as proof of my victories.

Since I also sometimes collect DVDs, I might dedicate categories to liveblogging episodes of classic cartoons, anime, television shows or whatever–but only stuff I own on DVD.

Here’s looking forward to a good year!

Let the good times roll!


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