Contra (NES)

Even though I’m writing this entry on the 27th of January, I actually conquered Contra on May 15th of last year. I decided it should be my inaugeral entry because as part of my resolution, I have a requirement that “it only counts if I have pictures or video.” In this case, I recorded the entire game… two and a half loops of it, actually. And my entire session is already up on Youtube, since I showed it to my buddies at Digitpress, long before I decided to do this blog. (The Videos are at the end, by the way).

Now, I think every gamer knows what Contra is, but just to make sure we’re on the same page, it’s an NES Platformer-slash-Shooter where Not-Rambo and Not-Arnold are sent to an island fortress to kill terrorists who are actually Giger Aliens. The commandos have a severe weakness–one hit kills them. It doesn’t matter if its from a bullet or from a crab giving them a love tap. One hit, they fall. On the plus side though, the commandos get a nice selection of weapons, including lasers, a swirly fireball, and my all-time favorite, the Spread Gun.

It’s funny how this session went. I had only gotten my copy of Contra two weeks before the recorded playthru, and by no means was I finding it easy. In fact, on this particular playthru I wasn’t even really trying to beat it, nor did I expect to–especially when I got to one part where it seemed like I was just throwing my lives and continues away (and no, I was not using the Konami Code–I’m no cheater). But I figured, “I’m gonna keep playing until I get a Game Over.”

Then the game decided it was gonna hold me to that.

All the sudden, I got past the part I was having trouble with, and to my own surprise, I got to the last level. I thought for sure that any minute I would bite the dust… and then I won. The credits rolled, and… a second loop started.

“I’m gonna keep playing until I get a Game Over.” And after all, this was the second loop, it had to be harder than the first, and I had died so many times the first time around. I didn’t think I would last long.

Minutes later I was at the last level, again, and by this point I felt like the game was fucking with me. I was literally telling the game “Please, kill me!” and it was saying, “No.” I beat it again, and… a third loop started.

This time, I basically became suicidal, and tried to die… as much as I could, anyway. Sadly, my gamer instincts inhibit my ability to suicide–I’m programmed to survive–so I only managed it by chance. There, finally, the lonely soldier found some rest.

I look back on that session with a smile. But I have not played Contra since then.

It’s sequel Super C, on the other hand…

Anyway, videos:


My New Year’s Resolution

Greetings, readers.

My name is Edmond Dantes (EDM for short). I’m a long-time game collector who recently has decided he has too many games. So this year, I’ve decided I’m going to curb my collecting and instead focus on clearing my plate.

That means I’m going to beat every game I own, and use this blog to record my doing so. This is not a review blog–reviews are objective, regular and formal, while this blog will be subjective and highly personal. My primary goal is to use this blog as a “checklist” of sorts, passing opinions is completely secondary.

I hold myself to one rule: “Beating a game doesn’t count unless I have pictures, or video.” So all these games are recorded and I post footage as proof of my victories.

Since I also sometimes collect DVDs, I might dedicate categories to liveblogging episodes of classic cartoons, anime, television shows or whatever–but only stuff I own on DVD.

Here’s looking forward to a good year!

Let the good times roll!