It's official — I hate winter

So guess what I got for Christmas.

A cool new game system? A rare import? My very own real-life Rainbow Dash?

Try a fucking snowstorm so huge it knocked out the electricity of the ENTIRE STATE for a week straight. So I had to sit in the dark for like, six days and nights. The power only came back on a couple hours ago.

I hate power outages. They always make me think “this must be out people in the middle ages lived” and then I wonder why they didn’t all just commit suicide and save themselves the misery. Without electricity you literally can’t do anything, not even take a bath unless you’re into the samurai-style cold ones (if this were summer, that wouldn’t be a problem).

Anyway, I think next year I’m gonna look into getting solar panels for my house, and converting cooking and water heating into ones that don’t need electricity… or just get a third solar panel for those particular things.

Here’s hoping this is the last power outage this winter.


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