Indie Horror Gaming

So lately, I’ve been into horror games. Being in a money crunch and unable to afford the big-name releases, I resorted to the freeware scene.

So here’s some reviews. The games are listed in alphabetical order.

Ao Oni
The edition I played was downloaded here. You need the RPG maker runtimes (he links to those to).

It’s hard to sum up this one. On the surface its silly-looking–especially the titular blue ogre–but it has the Clock Tower thing going on, where you’re defenseless and need to hide. Unlock Clock Tower, there’s no recovery if you’re caught–its game over. It becomes very tense, and I ran into the “I can’t solve the puzzles because the scares left me unable to think straight” syndrome. Fortunately you can save anywhere. Anyway, I found it fun, and personally I feel like the Oni is a memorable monster, even if it is kinda silly-looking.

Download this here

In a word: Bullshit. The game is basically a stealth game where you’re trying to find these five signs while also avoiding capture by the police (you’re a convict or something, I guess). Every time you find a sign, a new policeman spawns in, and on the third one, you get helicopters. The first couple times I played, I didn’t realize you could press the spacebar to crouch and that you basically need to do this or the helicopters will insta-spot you no matter where on the field you are. Once I found that out though, the game was too easy. Unfortunately it’s one of those games that has a bullshit downer ending.

Download it here, and do it NOW! (You install the game just by unzipping it, first run RTPMaker.exe to make a needed registry entry. Afterward game can be run from the RPG_RT.exe file)

Holy shit… I love Ib! Not because its scary–it’s only slightly more frightening than a Goosebumps book. But the story is intriguing and the characters are the most rounded and lovable cast of muffins since Chrono Trigger. Ib herself has the Chrono thing going on–she never talks (except for the dialogue choices you make for her), but she still seems to carry a lot of personality in her deadpan face. This game is also not that challenging, but for some that may be a good thing. I’m backing this game up, so it’ll survive the apocalypse.

Yume Nikki
Download it here

This game is about a young girl’s dreams, which are often weird. Unfortunately its more a novelty than a game, and the whole point is to wander around and see how strange it can get. Okay, there’s actually an ending, but its not worth it. It’s okay, but its no LSD Dream Emulator.

That about wraps it up. Next time I might comment on some commercial horror games I’ve been playing, but then I might not, seeing how sparodic I am with this blog of mine.


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