WTF is Akismet?

So I logged onto WordPress, went to my Dashboard and, I don’t know why I never saw this before but I saw it now:

“Akismet has protected your site from 15 spam comments already
There’s 1 comment in your spam queue right now”

This worries me. So some automated service I didn’t ask for is filtering comments. If any of my regular readers left a comment that didn’t get posted, then now you know why.

Personally, I’m a very do-it-yourself guy and I hate automated services, especially ones I wasn’t even informed I had. I and I alone should decide what stays and what goes. From now on I’ll be keeping an eye on my dashboard.


Indie Horror Gaming

So lately, I’ve been into horror games. Being in a money crunch and unable to afford the big-name releases, I resorted to the freeware scene.

So here’s some reviews. The games are listed in alphabetical order.

Ao Oni
The edition I played was downloaded here. You need the RPG maker runtimes (he links to those to).

It’s hard to sum up this one. On the surface its silly-looking–especially the titular blue ogre–but it has the Clock Tower thing going on, where you’re defenseless and need to hide. Unlock Clock Tower, there’s no recovery if you’re caught–its game over. It becomes very tense, and I ran into the “I can’t solve the puzzles because the scares left me unable to think straight” syndrome. Fortunately you can save anywhere. Anyway, I found it fun, and personally I feel like the Oni is a memorable monster, even if it is kinda silly-looking.

Download this here

In a word: Bullshit. The game is basically a stealth game where you’re trying to find these five signs while also avoiding capture by the police (you’re a convict or something, I guess). Every time you find a sign, a new policeman spawns in, and on the third one, you get helicopters. The first couple times I played, I didn’t realize you could press the spacebar to crouch and that you basically need to do this or the helicopters will insta-spot you no matter where on the field you are. Once I found that out though, the game was too easy. Unfortunately it’s one of those games that has a bullshit downer ending.

Download it here, and do it NOW! (You install the game just by unzipping it, first run RTPMaker.exe to make a needed registry entry. Afterward game can be run from the RPG_RT.exe file)

Holy shit… I love Ib! Not because its scary–it’s only slightly more frightening than a Goosebumps book. But the story is intriguing and the characters are the most rounded and lovable cast of muffins since Chrono Trigger. Ib herself has the Chrono thing going on–she never talks (except for the dialogue choices you make for her), but she still seems to carry a lot of personality in her deadpan face. This game is also not that challenging, but for some that may be a good thing. I’m backing this game up, so it’ll survive the apocalypse.

Yume Nikki
Download it here

This game is about a young girl’s dreams, which are often weird. Unfortunately its more a novelty than a game, and the whole point is to wander around and see how strange it can get. Okay, there’s actually an ending, but its not worth it. It’s okay, but its no LSD Dream Emulator.

That about wraps it up. Next time I might comment on some commercial horror games I’ve been playing, but then I might not, seeing how sparodic I am with this blog of mine.

TV Tropes Simple-Mindedness

I was recently in a TV Tropes conversation on Skype. The topic had become something about comic books (sigh… I seem to be the only person on the internet who doesn’t like comics that much). Anyway, I was winning some debate or other about Spider-Man I think (who cares at this point) when a Troper decided to ad-hominem me.

I suggest putting down your drink before you sample the wisdom of Troperhood:

“Is this another one of Moe’s inane things, like the time he said MLP doesn’t have strong continuity?”

Yeah, I’m called Moe on TV Tropes.

And yes, they’re convinced that MLP (Friendship is Magic specifically) is an example of strong continuity. Or at least this guy was… the others all clammed up. I guess they expected me to point out how wrong this was. I didn’t bother, because if there’s someone there who is this stupid, it isn’t worth my time.

Actually, lately I’ve been tired of TV Tropes. The problem with them is that they can’t see anything except in black and white, they have childish standards, and I strongly get the feeling that most of them never leave their computers, because they have all sorts of ideas about how life and people and art works that are just contrary to what anyone with actual experience in any given field understands. Despite this, they are convinced they’re experts.

It’s like if Miyamoto Musashi happened upon a bunch of kids playing at being samurai, but the kids all claimed Musashi was outdated or doing it wrong and claimed to be better than him, but Musashi had fought in real battles, these kids hadn’t. So who would you side with? If you’re a Troper, you’ll side with the kids. Because after all, how dare that Musashi act like he knows swordsmanship! That elitist prick! It’s not like he won sixty life-or-death duels or anything.

I could go on, but really there’s no much point in making a really long post about TV Tropes, especially as I’m not saying anything that half the internet hasn’t said already. So I’ll end it here.


I decided to add something here.

What exactly is it I don’t like that Tropers do? Well, just to name a few:

– They apparently don’t believe in expertise, or that a person could be more knowledgable than another in given subjects. To them, a five-year-old boy’s advice on how to deal with a brain tumor is as valid as a licensed doctor’s. Any attempt to explain why this is wrongheaded thinking gets you accused of being an elitist.

– When it comes to projects, Tropers seem to almost idealize laziness and instant gratification mentality. They all want to be writers and artists, but are convinced they can do this without having any sort of background in art and literature. More distressingly, I’ve seen many tropers who are convinced that you only have to do a work once, and second drafts are unnecessary.

– In discussion, Tropers have shown me repeatedly that most of them have poor reading and communication skills. Misunderstandings abound–even when I spell things out for them in as clear and precise language as possible. Also, they have a penchant for getting hung up on minutinae. They use words and phrases (including their own slogans) without knowing what they mean.

– Childish attitudes. Tropers are very prone to “I like it, therefore it is art” (and its inverse) with no ability to separate personal feelings from any given subject, and tend to praise things highly just on short-term visceral excitement regardless of whatever other qualities (or deficiencies) a work may have. Remember when you were six years old and thought 3 Ninjas was a great movie, but now looking back you realize it was actually really stupid? Most Tropers seem stuck in the first half of that phase.

– Finally, and most annoyingly, is Tropers love appealing to emotion. This seems to be their number one arguing tactic. They either try to shame you (and fail–see the example at the top of this post) or else they go into “why can’t we all just get along?” mode and demand we all start acting like everything is sunshine and rainbows. They also tend to believe that something being popular makes it true, which doesn’t help this or any other problem the site has.

That is all.