Plans, Plans, and more Plans

In a demonstration of my ability to flip-flop on things, I’ve decided I’m not gonna post anymore reviews. But don’t be mad! I’ve got a pretty good reason:

I’m going to start doing video reviews. And I figured there was no point posting reviews on this blog if I’m just gonna do a better version in video later. Currently, the main holdup is just a lack of equipment–I need a good digital camcorder and one of those DVD-Recorder/Players so I can record footage of games, for starters. My focus is gonna be on underrated games, but I’ll also dip into cartoon territory.

In other news, I’ve finally tried my hand at Arcade Stick modding. Last week I ordered some buttons and an arcade stick from Happ (now Suzo-Happ) and today they came in. I’ve already stuck them in an old Pelican Real Arcade I had in the closet. But it’s not over yet—now I have to replace the PCB, then wire the buttons up to make them work. When its done I’ll let you know how it went.

And scarily, I’m getting good at playing fighting games on the PSP.

That’s all for now. Ja ne.


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