First post in January

Wow, I can’t believe I keep letting this blog go dormant. Not much is happening though–generally, January is always kind of a boring month for me. All cold and either rainy or snowy and its really depressing and makes me not want to do anything.

Was on a Resident Evil kick for awhile, but I think I’m weaning off it. Oddly, now I’m into Light Gun games, even though holding the guns out hurts my shoulders after a bit (then again, I kinda like the pain). The only ones I actually own are Duck Hunt and To the Earth for the NES, and both are good, but I want something more modern. I’ve been watching MLP but lately I’ve been getting bored of it–the episodes are starting to feel kind of like repeats at this point, and some of the early novelty is gone.

One bit of good news: I recently acquired a Sega Dreamcast. It works, came with a controller, VMU (memory card with an LCD screen in it) and the DC equivalent of a rumble pak. The only game I have for it right now is Resident Evil: Code Veronica though, which means the system hasn’t seen much use, but I’m on the lookout for more. I’m particularly hoping to acquire fighting games and arcade-like shooters.

But really, there’s just not a lot to talk about. Maybe I’ll deliver on that one promise and pick on American cartoons a bit. Yeah, later.


4 thoughts on “First post in January

  1. I hear you on the MLP thing- the two-parter was bad, “Lesson Zero” was cringeworthy, and “The Mysterious Mare Do Well” was just “Boast Busters” with all the subtlety and nuance stripped out and replaced with zany hijinx.

    As to the Dreamcast, I’d recommend Ikaruga, House of the Dead 2, Soul Calibur, and maybe Tech Romancer if you’re a fan of giant robot anime:

    You may want to get the Japanese version, though; the US and EUR versions have some stuff missing.

  2. I thought “Lesson Zero” was one of the best of the season. Along with “Luna Eclipsed” and “The Cutie Pox.”

    Agree about the others though, and I’m looking at those games.

  3. My beef with “Lesson Zero” was that the entire episode, from the Idiot Plot to the obnoxious running gags to that scene where Fluttershy apparently snapped a bear’s neck, required the characters to be reduced to caricatures; it was like someone had secretly replaced the script with a fanfic and the cartoon somehow got finished without anyone being the wiser.

    I can’t believe I forgot to mention Power Stone; it’s pretty much the definitive Dreamcast fighting game. Dynamite Cop is also worth tracking down if you enjoy beat-em-ups:

    • Hey wait… I think I saw a complaint exactly like that on TV Tropes Dethroning Moment of Suck page! Is that you, by any chance?

      Yeah, I think I’m prolly gonna grab every Dreamcast game that was released in the USA and isn’t obscenely expensive. I’m gonna be on a money crunch for awhile though so I’ll have to make do with Crazy Taxi for a bit (no problem… it genuinely is one of the best games I’ve ever played)

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