Bloggyness Evil

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but a rather weird thing has been happening–I actually got bored of the internet. I’m serious, one day I woke up and was about to log on and I just couldn’t do it. It’s similar to how you would feel if you had played nothing but Super Mario Bros. for ten years and just couldn’t take it anymore.

There are a lot of things I wouldn’t mind talking about, like recently how I’ve rediscovered the classic Resident Evil games and how awesome great-tastic they are and by the way I now own the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy and they are in fact good and by the way my sister finally found my long-lost copy of Darkstalkers 3 yippee horay, but the weird thing is I would rather be playing them than talking about them. Now that I think about it though, perhaps thats the explanation right there.

I’m starting to wonder if there is much point to having a blog. I mean I could post game reviews and all, but I’m thinking of doing that in the form of a video review series later on. A part of me says I could do “Capsule Reviews” now and then do the fuller review as video, but that seems redundant. Then again though, sometimes redundancy has merits (can’t fault finding piles of Ink Ribbons in odd places).

Another thing I’ve been meaning to do with this blog is upload a data sheet I compiled about getting old DOS games to work and what I’ve done towards that, but for some reason I just keep getting sidetracked. I have depression issues which leads to me being too miserable to do anything, but when I take a happy pill and the cloud lifts, I don’t want to do anything that seems like work. I could just force it, I suppose.

Anyway, Merry Christmas folks!


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