PCEngineFX is back up! Also: Gaming and Workouts – Related?

Just thought I’d give this update, since I was upset about it a few entries ago.

Yes, its true: the owner of PCEngineFX took all of one week to get things back together. But the backup forum that fans made is still running too, just in case of future attacks.

I’ve noticed something.

As ya’ll know, I have a gaming habit. Over the last three weeks I started to get bored of gaming, and by “bored” I mean “extremely frustrated.” Like every damn game I played either made me wanna turn it off immediately, or else throw the controller through the wall when something didn’t go as planned.

Some would say that burnout is natural, that hobbies change, etc. But it turns out there may be more to it:

During those three weeks, I had stopped doing my routine workouts. Now, I’m hardly a master of physical fitness–I mostly just do pushups and run a few laps–but for some reason, I find that if I go a long time without doing this, I get irritable.

I’ve long had a theory for this, that basically my body is getting frustrated that it has so much pent-up and unspent energy and its trying to direct it towards something physical. It’s a little like how money “burns a hole in your pocket”–when you have it, you’re in a hurry to spend it and the longer you have it, the stronger the urge to spend grows.

So today, I did extensive working out. forty pushups, five laps around my house, followed by a cold bath to stop the sweat (I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and really dislike sweating). When all was done, I sat down and played a round of Earthbound. Now, Earthbound was a game I had been having a hard time getting into, and each time I started I basically forced myself to play and then could only manage for ten minutes.

This time, it held my attention for a full hour.

Hell, even this blog entry is practically writing itself, whereas usually I have to think about them.

So what I’m getting at is: bored of gaming? Doing push-ups may be the answer.

Something to think about.


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