Shining Beyond Legends

So apparently I’ve been banned from the ItJustBugsMe forum. What was I doing? Not much–some people tried to passive-aggressively troll me, and I called them on it and pointed out that they had done it before. This somehow made me the bad guy. This isn’t just my story either–there are several members who have wondered (both openly and privately) why most of the forum seems to have it in for me when many of the regulars are far worse than I’ve ever been. Anyway, if you want a fuller disclosure, ask in the comments. I got other things to talk about.

Okay, first of all a few days ago I went to my favorite local used games store (no, not Gamestop–one just opened that is so much better and stocks a lot of oldschool systems and games, even the freaking Atari 2600!) and traded in a redundant (as in, I had more than one) game console and some games. In exchange, I got Ecco the Dolphin (I have it, but I wanted a boxed copy), Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1, and…

.. the store has a small DVD section. In which they had seasons 1-3 of Batman Beyond. The sets were taped together and the owner would only sell them as a complete set, for $25. But I was able to get it for free with store credit.

Admittedly I think the Detective Comics Animated Universe (DCAU for short) is kind of overrated. Fans are always talking about how dark or mature or adult the stories and characters are, but to be honest they’re bog-standard superhero stories, little different from Silver Age comics except for the dark face paint they’re wearing, and honestly lacking in even the kind of depth seen in Thundercats (either version) or the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Some fans even say the DCAU compares well to anime or classic literature, which is just LOL worthy. This isn’t to say DCAU cartoons are bad, but you have to keep in mind a lot of the hype is fanboy B.S.

That being said, Batman Beyond is surprisingly decent, as far as I’ve watched. Admittedly the first couple of episodes were kinda “eh,” but the episode where the kid takes control of the thing that looks like Megaman’s Yellow Golem (which may be an intentional homage–the thing is actually called a Golem) was where it clicked with me and I said “ya know, this show has potential.” Currently the last episode I’ve watched is the one where Batman has to fight the Fantastic Four wannabes, which is honestly the first real clunker in the set (that they were such obvious knock-offs made me unable to get into the story and suspend my disbelief). I’m honestly enjoying this show a little more than I did the original Batman: The Animated Series — the premise seems stronger and the villains far more credible, at any rate.

But yeah, Fatal Fury… IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! Okay, the first game is all right, but it was a pretty addicting experience, which I wasn’t able to stop until I beat it with all three characters. Oddly, canonically Terry Bogard is supposed to be the strongest of them, but in practice its Andy Bogard–he has this sort of “dash-punch” thing that, once you’ve practiced enough to be able to pull off at any time, can totally wipe the floor with most of the opposition. When I got to Geese Howard with either Terry or Joe Higashi, he handed my ass to me time and again until I got a lucky break. With Andy, I beat him on the first go. This was on “Normal” difficulty (I’m tempted to try “MVS” difficulty, which according to the manual emulates that of the arcade).

But lately I’ve been playing the Sega Master System, via a converter for the Sega Genesis. So far I’ve downed one game, Golvellius: Valley of Doom which was a pretty interesting Zelda-wannabe. I wouldn’t say its as good as the original Zelda, but it definitely had some unique ideas and was worth a look just for its twists. One thing I had to get used to was turning–the hero doesn’t always immediately turn a direction when you push it, sometimes he kinda micro-steps forward first, which is awkward until you get used to it, but its not too bad. The ending promises a sequel which, sadly, never happened.

After that, I went and tried out an old favorite I haven’t touched in seven years: Shining Force. What happened was a discussion on a gaming forum got me interested in strategy-RPGs again and since its basically the only one I have (I have one other on the Playstation and have since also ordered Ogre Battle, which I’ll talk about whenever I play it). In all honesty, I wish I had a manual because I keep getting things I don’t know what they do, and I keep having questions about the nuances of the system. I’m not gonna look up a FAQ though–I’m gonna beat the game first (yes, I’ve never beaten it).

I take a break from either one with Mega Man Legends 2 which is another old favorite that no you can’t have it is MINE MINE MINE!! Just wanted to stave off anyone who was gonna make an offer. To be honest, I find it a largely tedious game, but when it picks up it picks up good, and you gotta love the Bonnes!

I’ve been wondering: What should I do with this blog? Its like, all I do lately is either comment on TV shows or else give “capsule reviews” of whatever I’ve been playing lately. That’s all well and good, but it seems like a shallow purpose. Should I do something more? Well, I’ll mull on it for awhile while I beat back the hordes of Runefaust. ta-ta!


2 thoughts on “Shining Beyond Legends

  1. It would appear that, in the IJBM lexicon, “don’t be a jerk or an idiot” can be generally taken to mean “don’t post unpopular opinions, attempt to defend unpopular opinions, show anything less than a religious degree of respect and deference to your fellow posters and their opinions, andor speak of the community- a community demonstrably comprised of manchildren, idiots, self-defined assholes, and potential sex offenders- in anything less than words of glowing praise.”

    Maybe now you’re starting to understand why most of us dropped the whole TvTropes project early on in favor of going back to 4chan. Which is also full of nerds, manchildren, idiots, losers, self-defined assholes, and potential sex offenders, but at least there one can say how one really feels.

    • In my experience, all internet forums are going to have their bullshit. The difference is whether that B.S. makes sense, or is just B.S. in the truest sense of the word. There’s one gaming forum I visited recently where I nearly accidentally started drama by discussing controller preferences, which it turned out had caused some heated debates in the past. I think its lame that such discussions are discouraged now, but I at least understand why that is.

      As for IJBM, honestly I’d love to talk about it some more, but I just sent off an appeal to the mods, and it wouldn’t do to insult them while they’re mulling over it. If the ban hasn’t been appealed by next Monday though, you can look forward to a nice rundown of forum drama.

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