The premiere of Voltron Force

So I’m catching the premiere of Voltron Force on Nicktoons. It’s rare for me to catch a show on premiere night, so I decided to do this one differently by recording my thoughts as I’m actually watching it.

I must admit, I thought the original Voltron was okay (though the Japanese Beast King Go Lion was better), but the previews for this new version has me interested, so I figured I’d see how it turned out.

So, without further ado:

10:30 PM – The premiere!

Well okay, this got off to a bang. Right off the bat we see the Lions battling a Robeast. Yes, this is how it should start! And it uses a remix of the original music!

A rap theme song? seriously? Okay, first mark against this show right there.

Keith has a miniature version of Voltron’s sword. Cool.

10:40 – The first commercial break. So far this show seems promising. I’m tempted to dislike the conspiracy aspects and Lance’s being an ass, but I get the feeling its all leading up to something so I’m gonna see where it goes.

10:47 – Second commercial break. Okay, my guess about Lance was right. I like that the plot is so tight and is going places instead of just dragging things out. I hope it keeps up.

10:57 – So, this series sort-of confirms that the Lions are capable of independent action.

11:05 – I can feel my enthusiasm kinda slipping around this point. I don’t like Larmeena (sp?) because she seems like the token “strong girl we put in just to please the feminists who isn’t gonna have any real personality outside of being a girl with testosterone.” The conspiracy plot worked at first but now I’m starting to see some holes (like, you know, the fact that Lance and co built a secret base within Sky Commander Wade’s military school).

11:16 – I liked the part of the soundtrack that was a remix of the 1980s soundtrack. But all the new music sounds derivative and admittedly rather dull. Why can’t Americans make good cartoon soundtracks anymore? The rest of the show is fine though.

I noticed a bit of a plot hole though: If Sky Commander Wade had the Lions locked up in a Galaxy Alliance facility, why are they back in their traditional resting places on Planet Arus and can be gotten to from the old access shafts?

11:22 – A minor nitpick: The only comm system Pidge and Keith have is those wrist thingies? Wait, the tow-ship they’re driving doesn’t have an inter-ship comm system? For that matter, the lions themselves should have one, so Pidge and Keith should be able to communicate (I suppose you could say Wade’s meddling knocked out the Black Lion’s comm tho).

11:33 – Lance claims that when the 1980s team first flew Voltron they were “inexperienced young hooligans.” Pointedly not true–they were all experienced pilots. That’s why the Galaxy Alliance chose them.

11:36 – I’m starting to dislike the new kids. Shit hits the fan and they’re all like “this is awesome!”?

Sky Commander Wade is starting to seem kind of “eh” to me to. Under everyone’s nose he was developing a secret robot army that he personally controls? That, and his general personality up to this point… how did anybody not know that he was a villain? If his career is not totally shot after this episode, then I’ll quickly lose respect for this series.

11:48 – The movie is almost over, and honestly I’m wishing it would hurry up.

I gotta be frank, it started out promising, but the further in it goes the more I feel like “this is a typical modern cartoon.” I mentioned the music, the plotholes, and some things I don’t like about the characters, but another thing I’m not liking is how everyone behaves like they’re autistic. Like they’re having the exact opposite reaction to everything that they should have.

And now the Wade has his own super-robot. That’s just face-palming to me.

And about the art: Generally, I like this show’s style (except for how the humans are drawn… the stylization sucks), but I really wish it would stop doing that split-screen thing. It’s not awesome, it just makes it confusing. I hope they stop doing that.

12:00 – And now the movie is over. Overall, started out promising, then kind of ehhed out in the middle, then seemed like it was getting good again near the end. I might very possibly watch just one or two regular episodes to see if the show doesn’t have promise.

Besides the stuff mentioned in the blog, one other main complaint I have is that Daniel, Vince and Larmeena seem kind of half-assed. We don’t really know anything about them, and Lance accepts Daniel and Vince into the fold basically just because the script said so. Larmeena, we don’t know the story behind her. Instead Princess Allura gives us some nonsense about fate and destiny–concepts which, by the way, were never mentioned in the original series, but seem to be common fallbacks whenever American writers need to explain something.

To be honest, I really expected to hate this more than I did, because its an American sequel to an anime, but while its not superior to Go Lion, it wasn’t outright reprehensible either.

So, that’s the premiere of Voltron Force. Peace!


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