So I finally saw the new Battlestar Galactica

Some of you might remember this review I wrote awhile back for the 1978 series. In it I said I’ve never seen the 2000-something “reimagining” of BSG.

Thanks to the BBC, I’ve now seen the pilot movie.

And… it wasn’t overtly stupid, or offensive or repulsive. It didn’t have me going “get this shit off my screen” or turning off the TV in disgust.

It just bored me to hell.

I’m gonna sum it up like this: in the 1978 pilot, the whole thing about the colonies being attacked and people’s shock and fear-driven attempts to survive, all the begging to be taken onboard the Galactica, all that social stuff, was handled within the first 30-40 minutes of the movie.

In the new series, that’s the entire pilot episode. So the new director needed two hours for a story that Glen Larson told in 40 minutes.

To be honest, this is a continual problem I’ve noticed with entertainment post-2000. Stories are less efficient now, and seem to feel like they need to draw out everything in order so that we “get the full impact.” Directors think that we’re all autistic or something. To be honest, that’s the problem with all American television and everything that comes out of Hollywood, right there.

Who knows, maybe this show gets better later. But I doubt it, and I don’t really have the inclination to check anymore.


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