Dichotomic Thinking

If there’s one thing I get tired of, its how westerners (especially Americans) can’t get out of the childish “two sides to every coin” mentality. In real life, things are so complicated that if you ever can narrow it down to a dichotomy, then you either don’t have the facts or you’re too stupid to understand them.

Take, for example, “Science vs. Religion.” Atheists all come out and say that there are all sorts of contradictions in the Bible, that Christians have suppressed knowledge and science has proven most of what the Bible says could never have happened. Okay, that’s a good reason for not believing in Christianity. Therein highlights the mistake: “Science vs. Religion” assumes that Religion = Christianity and conveniently forgets that there are other religions, religions that are nothing like Christianity.

So what, is Science also at war with Buddhism, Tao, Paganism, Cthulhu-worship and Super Bowl Sunday? If not, then its not really “Science vs. Religion” is it? Its just “Science vs. Christianity.” GET IT RIGHT!

But on a serious note, its kind of a symptom of how uninformed our culture is. As they say, the more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know. If people were better-educated then we wouldn’t be stuck as twelve-year-olds, thinking that everything is about the Autobots fighting the Decepticons and that any new faction introduced is on one side or the other.

We need to grow up.

Time to eat your Wheaties, kids!


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